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Trump’s Given Himself a New ‘Gig’ at Mar-a-Lago and It Doesn’t Get More Humiliating Than This

Former President Donald Trump apparently has a new hobby and it’s giving his critics a hearty laugh. According to Page Six on Friday, Trump “now has a regular gig” as DJ at Mar-a-Lago, his estate in Florida.

“Trump is officially DJing every Thursday night,” one source told Page Six. The person also added that Trump sits at his table with an iPad, where he lines up tunes such as Céline Dion’s hit song from ‘Titanic’ while he eats.”

“If this man is never actually going to be in jail for his various crimes, the next best thing is for him to just to stay put in that soothing, Groundhogs Day-style time loop, utterly content with his Thursday night DJ gis and unable to f**k up geopolitics,” writes Jezebel’s Laura Bassett.

The New York Times reported earlier this month on a memo from the former president where he announced his upcoming gig, Raw Story reports.

“Great music will be played during dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings, with President Trump playing the role of disc jockey,” the memo said. “The music will be amazing, it will be lots of fun, and will go until the late evening.”

“The one thing I hold dear is that all of the worst people you know will eventually try to become a DJ,” cracked author Jill Twiss after seeing the memo.”

Trump announced his 2024 presidential campaign in November, and some in Washington speculate he may be attempting to get a jump over other Republicans seeking the party’s nomination, and that this may also be an attempt to avoid criminal prosecution. As the only president to be impeached twice, he is the subject of numerous ongoing investigations into his conduct before, during, and after he left office. He is still facing allegations of fraud in connection with the Trump Organization, his attempt to upend the 2020 election, and his hoarding of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

If Trump continues playing DJ at Mar-a-Lago he can’t really do any harm there, except to keep playing really bad music. I guess that’s something anyway.

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