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When Trump is Indicted, He Will Be Fingerprinted, Be Photographed for a Mug Shot and Could Be HANDCUFFED

Fox News anchor John Roberts really dropped a bombshell Friday afternoon. It concerns upcoming negotiations between law enforcement agencies and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office regarding an upcoming indictment for former President Donald Trump, Mediaite reports.

Referring to a source inside the New York courts system, Roberts explained that next week’s meeting is intended to figure out the logistics surrounding Trump being processed in the same way that any other defendant would be.

“Now, when we are learning that the Manhattan DA’s office has asked for a meeting with law enforcement ahead of a potential Trump indictment, this is coming to Fox News from a source in the courts,” Roberts said and added:

“The meeting, which was requested yesterday and has not been set yet, is to discuss logistics for sometime next week, which would mean that they are anticipating an indictment next week. Same sources familiar with the planning said they will go over security preparations in and around the courthouse in lower Manhattan.”

“Secret Service will take the lead in what they will allow or will not allow, the source cautioned, mentioning, for instance, that the decision to handcuff the president, a former president or not, they will set the tone and will escort him into the courtroom.”

“There will be coordination between all of us, the source said. But we will defer to the Secret Service. The battle will be between Secret Service and DA Alvin Bragg. They will decide how and when he’ll get into the building and they are not going to leave him,” Roberts said, and concluded:

“The source believes that the former president will still have to be fingerprinted and processed like every other defendant. So this is a huge development. If Alvin Bragg has decided to go ahead with a felony indictment of the former president, this was a charge that the federal officials refused to prosecute on or even really pursue.”

“This was a misdemeanor in New York that Alvin Bragg has decided to elevate to a felony while at the same time downgrading other felonies to misdemeanor. So we’ll be watching this to see how it all unfolds to get more information as it comes in.”

The Manhattan DA’s office began its investigation into Trump more than five years ago and has left few if any stones unturned. The probe surrounds a $130,000 payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 election. Michael Cohen, who was Trump’s personal lawyer at the time, made the payment and was later reimbursed by Trump. Bragg is specifically interested in looking into whether the ex-president falsified business records to hide the payment.

Cohen is now one of Trump’s harshest critics. He pleaded guilty in federal court in 2018 for making payments “at the direction” of Trump. This was a violation of campaign finance laws and was an alleged attempt to cover up Trump’s extramarital fling with Daniels.

Hopefully, this really is going forward. Seeing Trump handcuffed, or not while being indicted, will serve as a balm to so many people whose lives have been harmed by this man. And sometimes it’s lovely to watch someone who believes he is above the law find out that he is not.

I believe it’s way past time for this to happen.

And here’s more from CNN:

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