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WHOOPS: Trump Accidentally Reveals the REAL Reason He’s Running Again in 2024

There is a reason that Donald Trump announced his candidacy very shortly after the mid-terms, and that reason was strong enough that he would have done it before the mid-terms if the situation dictated. But he was talked out of it by Republicans who knew that if he declared, 2022 would be a referendum on him again. It turned out to be a referendum on him anyway, and we saw the results.

By sheer coincidence (HELL NO), many of us Democrats remain absolutely furious with Merrick Garland because we could see this coming 18 months beforehand. It was obvious to all that Garland had not even begun investigating Trump on January 6th until after the Committee started doing its great work. It is understood that complex crimes require a long preparation time. But Garland could have at least started the ball rolling with some very easy crimes, such as the destruction of federal documents, and then added criminal charges as the investigations continued.

As it is, Garland played right into Trump’s hands where Trump is in a position to say, “They’re only prosecuting me because they can’t beat me.” Suddenly, his criminality becomes “election interference, rigged!” To a MAGA, that sounds exactly right. Trump even has Tucker “mysteriously” suddenly in possession of January 6th tapes that prove Trump was a peacemaker and saint. The whole thing was a hoax anyway, even though every pol and everyone at Fox was FURIOUS with him in the aftermath, knowing exactly how bad it was.

It was only a matter of time before Trump mistakenly blabbed out “why” he was running (to avoid prosecution), which we all knew. Some of us thought he might not actually run, just pretend in order to collect money, then bow out due to health reasons or something that got him off the hook.

But now he has to run to try to save his ass (winning cures ALL his problems), and he just flat admits he has to run or he’ll get run over by prosecutors who have him dead to rights, right D.A. Willis? From Trump’s Truth Social:

City, State, and Federal (DOJ) Prosecutors throughout the Country are practicing good ol’ ELECTION INTERFERENCE, at a level that our Country has never seen before. They want to take out the undisputed leader of the Republican Party. The bigger the lead I take, the more CRAZY they become. AT THE SAME TIME, THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY!

It’s not fair! Why isn’t anyone prosecuting the Biden Crime family!!! HUNTER’S LAPTOP!!!! We have heard of this laptop for a long time, and all we know is that Hunter is a man w*ore who is a security risk and likes to take pictures and videos of himself to show something. But, quizzically, for all we’ve heard about the laptop, we haven’t heard the Republicans articulate an actual crime, never mind one tied to Biden, who is president – not Hunter.

But propaganda 101: When you’re the head of a crime family doing multi-billion dollar deals with the Saudis, have three grand juries out on crimes that occurred on tape and on national television. So cry “Biden Crime family” until the end of time. If you can’t even articulate a possible crime, then STFU.

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Nicole Hickman James is a lifelong Democrat and political activist who first cut her teeth as a teenager volunteering for Mike Dukakis’ presidential campaign. She has worked and volunteered for John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, HFA (Hillary For America), and Organizing For Action. She’s passionate about liberal and progressive causes and considers President Obama her favorite president ever. She holds her Bachelor’s from Boston College in Economics and her Master's from Columbia, also in Economics. When not working as a writer, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her three college-aged children.


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