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‘Maybe Melania Had Enough?’: People Can’t Stop Talking About the Big Red/Orange Mark on Trump’s Face in Candid Photo Taken at Mar-a-Lago

I will never understand Donald Trump. I am sure there will be books upon books trying to decipher exactly who this evil sociopath was, and what drove him in life to end up the person we knew and hated. What I mostly don’t understand is more basic. This is a man who is about to turn 77. That’s up there. Those are the golden years when every year you get is a gift. Those are the years you no longer work, and you should spend time with family and friends, surround yourself with grandchildren and love.

But Trump is no normal man. He has a sick need to prove something to someone. Perhaps he just cannot get over the loss to Joe Biden in 2020? Because as far as we know, that was the only time he has truly ever lost, and he did it in front of the entire world. He was a laughing stock, the one thing Trump just cannot be.

So instead of spending the weekend on a gorgeous lounge chair at his beautiful Palm Beach estate, he’s giving speeches, at his home, from his own little home podium, to basically anyone who will listen.

And it appears sometime over the past few nights he was doing just that. I don’t know the event. It could’ve very well been someone’s wedding that he just commandeered because he loves doing that.

But what most people noticed in a candid photo taken last night, was the bizarre mark on Trump’s face. With the coloring it’s tough to tell what it is. It’s looks red, almost like a fresh bruise?

Or knowing Trump, he could’ve had a hard time doing his own makeup and it was a makeup error? Did Melania get fed up and clock him with one of her fancy bottles of perfume? Who knows.

All we know if that if Joe Biden showed up with a similar mark on his face, Fox News, OAN, Newsmax and all the other right-wing sleazes would be lining up with explanations about how “Joe fell” and he’s not fit to be president.

Now, we know Trump isn’t fit to be president, and it has nothing to do with the mark on the side of his face. Still, for such a vain man, it’s interesting he’d go out in public like that. Because if it was a red mark makeup could’ve covered it. And Melania knows makeup.

Anyway, here’s the photo, and then take a look at what the people on Twitter think:

Twitter had some thoughts:

It’s because his makeup artist forgot to blend his concentrated orange contour, that’s why it appears brown…
What I want to know is why aren’t his rallies banned in states that’ve outlawed men wearing makeup onstage?!? He should be arrested once he steps onstage by their laws 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Carrie Barreiro (@CarrieBarreiro) April 29, 2023

I found another video from I believe Saturday night and while the mark isn't as large, it's still there:

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