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Trump Spotted Looking Terrible in Super Awkward Photo From Mar-a-Lago, ‘Looks Like He’s Doing the Pee Pee Dance’


Look, we all have those days. Take me for instance. I am coming off some type of flu, I am still in my PJ’s, and I look like I just crawled out of a sewer. But I also don’t brag about being the fittest president to ever live, or the best looking president in history. Trump has even flat-out asked (rhetorically), how handsome am I?

Well, recently one of our most favorite people on Twitter, Ron Filipkowski posted a photo of Trump looking ROUGH. Looking like he crawled right out of the sewer with me. He was obviously caught in a photo he wasn’t prepared for, as opposed to the photos he normally releases that are professionally taken and then run through Photoshop to make him look his best.

For example, this is Trump in a photo released by his team:

But let’s be real, this is the real Trump in an older video. This is a tired, old man. Sweaty, exhausted, bright red. And he has the nerve to knock Biden’s age.

So this photo of Trump shouldn’t come as a surprise:

Perhaps he was turning and someone shot the photo before he was ready to prepare and assume the typical “thumbs up” position?

Regardless, Twitter had a field day, and also couldn’t help but remark on the state of Mar-a-Lago, which is starting to look very dated and…old. Take a look:

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