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Tucker Carlson to Receive NO Severance From Fox News Because He Was Fired ‘For Cause’

I don’t know about you but I made several assumptions when Fox News suddenly fired Tucker Carlson today.

First, I believed that even though they fired him, he would be treated like Megyn Kelly, paid to go away. They would negotiate his contract down to some manageable level and pay him. That may end up happening but it will take a lawsuit.

The other assumption that I made is that Fox fired Tucker because they didn’t want his texts or “material” or whatever to come out. Indeed, one of the anonymous sources within Fox said that they fired him because of “stuff” found in the discovery hunt during the Dominion suit and that they anticipated that there was more “stuff” to find.

I assumed we’d never see that stuff.

And yet we almost surely will. Because Fox fired Tucker “for cause,” and left him with no severance pay. Obviously, no one’s crying for Tucker, he was a trust fund, baby, before he even entered cable and made a fortune. But in the inevitable lawsuit – because Tucker is angry – Fox is going to have to prove the “for cause” part and guess what that means…

We will see what “caused” Fox to fire Tucker.

As for the no severance pay matter, we have this from Radar Online:

Fox told Tucker Carlson’s lawyers were told he was fired “with cause” concerning the ex- producer’s lawsuit, which claimed sexism, antisemitism, and harassment, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The “with cause” label means the company will likely seek to avoid severance payments to Carlson. Most executive contracts contain language stipulating different scenarios of how their separation from the company would be treated financially.

Somehow, Tucker managed to make himself worse than Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, both got “golden parachutes” on their way out the door. They got paid.

Tucker did not.

How very interesting.

Speaking of which, the lawsuit will bring out some interesting stuff, doncha think?


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