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David Hogg Trolls Laura Ingraham in the Best Possible Way After She Teased Him for Not Getting into College When He Was 17

In 2017, the 17-year-old David Hogg found himself in the position of a lot of college kids these days, falling just short of their aspirations.

His 4.1 GPA (Honors classes now give GPAs above 4.0s) wasn’t good enough to get him into his dream schools out in California, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara…

Then, on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2018, “Parkland” happened. And Hoag became a man on a mission. He would do everything he could to get gun reform passed in America.

He wanted to enter the University of California system from Florida, an extremely difficult thing to do. The University of California schools save all but 10% of the seats for California residents. Hogg was competing to be among the 10% from out of state. Graduate programs get even more insanely difficult for out-of-state students.

Additionally, to the University of California’s shame, they didn’t seem ready for Hogg’s burgeoning fame. To be fair, it had only been weeks.

Somehow, Laura Ingraham found this laugh-worthy and mocked him about not getting into his cherished University of California schools. As described by Newsweek:

Conservatives have often targeted gun control activists, criticizing stricter gun control measures and defending the right to bear arms. As the U.S. continues to battle mass shootings, the topic is often one of debate between political parties, but Ingraham dealt a low blow to Hogg in 2018, mocking the then-17-year-old on Twitter after Hogg shared his frustrations about his top college picks (UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine) rejecting him in a TMZ interview. Ingraham later issued an apology to Hogg on Twitter.

Try to imagine what it takes to get an apology from Laura Ingraham? Well, she was losing advertisers left and right, so I’m guessing her bosses at Fox News had a part in it.

It takes a man on a mission, one that had barely gotten off the ground when he received those rejection letters. Soon enough, one of those “schools from Boston” the same ones that seem to keep calling our gorgeous executive for another degree, sent David an acceptance letter saying that if the California schools wouldn’t have him, he’d be welcomed at Harvard.

So who gets the last laugh now?

Yes, you guessed it, David Hogg and Harvard University (which, to be fair, made its decision only after they saw a man on a mission). After graduating, Hogg sent out a tweet stating:

“Hey @IngrahamAngle you can send my graduation present to: http://Marchforourlives.com/donate,” Hogg tweeted along with a picture of him in a cap and gown holding a Harvard University diploma.

In his announcement, he also buried his many nemeses:

I would personally like to take a moment to those who got me here: Laura Ingraham, Marjorie Taylor Greene, the haters, and those who actually loved me, like my parents, my sister and all of those along the way who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself,”

Hogg still has a bit of growing to do. Never give your adversaries free time in your cherished moments, even when political. But he’s way ahead of 99% of us at his age, never mind the 90% from some other state.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole (Six Degrees from Boston) Hickman

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