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Donald Trump Jr. Can’t Stop Making a Huge Fool of Himself With His Latest Stunt

Hey all you “non-woke” “manly men” out there, Donald Trump Jr. has just the magazine for you! He’s taken to Twitter to give himself a bit of free advertisement, and if you’re someone who likes to shoot everything that moves, well, look no further than his magazine Field Ethos.

“The premier lifestyle publication for the unapologetic man is here,” the post reads. “Enjoy a mix of modern adventure, historical context and perspectives forget through global travel while staying current with the latest products that elevate an unapologetic life.”

“So pour a drink, sit, back, and let Field Ethos Journal 2023 Volume 2 inspire you to create your own stories.”

“By subscribing, you will be billed quarterly and receive four issues per year.”

The nondescript blurb looks like it could have been AI-generated, BoingBoing reports. And of course, Don Jr. is on the cover of the first edition and the writing looks like it was created by humans here. But as noted by BoingBoing, the content “is in the blog posts dressed up to look like magazine features” tradition.

It makes you think you’ll be reading well-fleshed-out informative stories that contain thousands of words, but instead, you’re getting a pitter-pat of hundreds of words that don’t say much.

Some of the stories are creepy. There’s one that defends cat-killing competitions for children. And for those dedicated to shooting things, there’s a review on telescopic gun sights. It’s kind of like Soldier of Fortune meets Field and Stream for barely hanging in there for middle-class conservative men.

The magazine is, in fact, a paean to American conservatism.

So if you’re just longing to go out and shoot something, or to read a magazine being hawked by someone who portrays himself as virtuous, but is in fact still under investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James for alleged misuse of his father’s inaugural funds in Washington, D.C. and additional charges of business fraud, well then, Field Ethos is the rag for you.

Twitter had a field day:


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