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House Democrats Humiliate Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Hilariously Requests ‘Decorum’ in the House

Do you remember this lady?

Yeah, that lady was the one who booed and interrupted the State of the Union Address.

The Statue of the Union might be the single most serious, somber, and formal meeting in American governance. The entire Congress attends, but that is just the beginning.

The Supreme Court attends, though some justices refuse because they got their feelings hurt when called out by Obama and now with Biden as president. But, still – most members attend.

The Joint Chiefs attend. The highest-ranking officers in our military branches attend, including, of course, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

The entire cabinet attends – with one exception, the designated survivor, who stays in the Oval Office lest anything happens.

Diplomats from every major country on Earth attend, though many are on the balcony and not on the floor.

Speaking of the balcony, there are distinguished guests scattered throughout, people who have earned their attendance by performing some kind of heroic role for their nation, usually invited by a senator or congressman.

And want to know who else watches? Every security and intelligence community on Earth. They watch for indications of problems, including two extremist women with increasing power in the United States government and their willingness to toss aside the “normal order” of things in what was the world’s most stable democracy.

So it was especially delicious today to hear Marjorie Taylor Greene serving in the “Speaker’s role,” meaning the one with the gavel and upon hearing some grumbling, MTG said, “the members will be reminded of the decorum of the House.”

This is not hyperbole, Democrats laughed, clapped, and jeered for at least 20-30 seconds. It was a special moment:

Wow, that is almost worth having her elected just to be humiliated in that special moment. Almost.


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