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GOP Hypocrisy

Lauren Boebert Probably Wishes She Could Delete This Tweet About Her GED After Becoming a Laughing Stock

Rep. Lauren Boebert likes to remind people that she has a GED, but she’s dead-set against the idea of student loan forgiveness. She did it again last weekend, reminding everyone that she has a GED as a way to criticize Vice President Kamala Harris’s public speaking skills, Uproxx reports.

But Boebert misses the point by a wide mile as she continues to believe that her GED is the reason that people attack her regularly. She’s lambasted education severely — even to the point of calling for the entire Department of Education to be abolished. Then there’s the fact that she acquired her GED mere months before being elected to Congress (R-Colo.), meaning her interest in obtaining it most likely had very little to do with actually learning anything. And on some occasions she has proposed giving lawmakers much more time to read bills, thus adding to congressional gridlock.

“The same people who will try and knock me for having a GED think this lady represents intelligence and eloquence,” Boebert sniped in a Twitter post. “Whoever paid for her education wasted their money.”

For me, that comment brings to mind a line from Carry On, Wayward Son, by Kansas. Remember that one? Awesome lyrics, and I think they are on point here.

“If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don’t know.”

Boebert doesn’t know either.

And Twitter users quickly lit into Boebert, not because of her GED but because of how she behaves as an elected official. She’s bombastic, belligerent, continually jumps to conclusions, and frequently makes false equivalencies. While she’s likely ignoring the replies to her tweet, users made sure to let her know that the GED she’s so vociferous about, isn’t the main issue here.

I don’t think Boebert is capable of understanding how harmful her attacks on education, abortion, women’s rights,’ and the LGBTQ community have been. I’m not convinced that she’ll ever understand any of this. I would call her a hypocrite but I think she’s too dim to make the connections here.

And just for fun, I’ve included a clip of Kansas singing Carry On, Wayward Son.

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