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People Are Finding Something Very Odd About This Photo of Trump With Yet Another Mar-a-Lago Hottie

You would think that a man campaigning for president who just lost a civil suit that found his liable for sexual abuse would… automatically drop out of the race in disgrace and not use the verdict to A) Raise money and B) Not again call the woman a liar in front of a CNN town hall, getting his audience laughing at a woman who just proved that Trump more likely than not sexually assaulted her.

You would also think that a man campaigning for president would be concerned that during the very same week in which the verdict came out, there was also an allegation that Trump would harass young women staffers while at the White House, that this was a known problem that had been reported to Mark Meadows several times by Alyssa Farah and was told that he would handle it.

Given the above, you would also think that perhaps it would be a good idea to hold off on the pictures of Trump rubbing up against beautiful women coming out of Mar-a-Lago, but that would imply that you think it’s a problem having a past littered with cheating on your wife with porn stars, audio tapes of you bragging about doing exactly what the rape trial accused you of doing, having the verdict against you, and over 20 other credible accusations of sexual assault along with a past history of points in time when you were good friends with Jeffery Epstein.

And yet the folks at the Trump campaign continue to punt out heavily photoshopped pictures of Trump. Look at how tall and lean he is… in this picture. And his face…doesn’t look like that in real life.

To give Trump… No, to give this MAGA woman some credit, she looks far more “natural” than most pictured with him:

On to the Twitter comments:


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