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Trump FINALLY Mentions His Wife on Truth Social But Is It Too Little, Too Late After Blowing Off Her Birthday?

Perhaps he was feeling a bit guilty for snubbing his wife on her birthday because, in a Truth Social post on Monday, former President Donald Trump congratulated Melania for doing a “great job” when she was first lady.

That’s according to The Independent, which noted that he commended her for the “great job” she was doing with her “Be Best” initiative, an anti-bullying campaign she launched during her husband’s presidency. Which she was continually derided for since her husband is a HUGE bully, especially on the campaign trail.

Trump’s tribute came just a few days after Melania celebrated her 53rd birthday during a small gathering of family and friends at Mar-a-Lago. It’s not clear if Trump attended but it sounds as if he didn’t. He didn’t even bother to acknowledge her that day on social media, despite his seemingly never-ending posts.

People Magazine seems to verify this, saying it wasn’t clear if Trump was at the celebration. Representatives would only confirm that the former president would attend if his schedule permitted.

But Trump is nothing if not an inconsiderate husband, considering his alleged fling with Stormy Daniels, and other women, while Melania was pregnant with their son Barron. And he’s been known to forget her birthday before. He did this in 2018, forgetting all the way up until almost the last minute, meaning that all she wound up with was flowers and a card.

The following year, Trump celebrated her birthday by inviting the prime minister of Japan to the White House for a State Dinner. That doesn’t exactly sound romantic and didn’t allow for any quiet moments, something that other presidents and their wives have enjoyed.

One source told People that “Melania likes a low-key celebration with family and that I believe is her plan for this year’s birthday.”

“If Donald is here, he will be joining the family to celebrate his wife’s birthday,” that person said. “Despite what you hear, the Trumps are a close family.”

But perhaps Trump is a bit preoccupied with all the legal problems he’s saddled himself with. He is the first U.S. president to be criminally indicted; he’s involved in a civil lawsuit brought by journalist E. Jean Carroll who alleges he raped her in a New York City department store in the mid-1990s and that he defamed her. He’s also awaiting a decision by a Georgia district attorney as to whether he or members of his former legal team will face criminal charges over their alleged attempts to obstruct the results of the 2020 election.

If there’s one thing that can be said about Melania, it’s that she’s pretty self-contained. If he’s in the pokey next year, she’ll undoubtedly still enjoy her 54th birthday.

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