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Trump Stops INSTANTLY as He Passes Attractive YOUNG (Teen?) Girl: His Security Block Camera and People are Repulsed

There have been a lot of reports lately about Donald Trump’s behavior inside the White House regarding his treatment of young – very young, attractive female staff members.

Earlier this month Alyssa Farah Griffin, once Trump’s White House Communications Director, commented on the many problems with inappropriate behavior between Trump and particularly young White House female staff.  According to Newsweek:

Staffers who worked in Donald Trump‘s White House have accused him of sexual harassment after a jury on Tuesday found the former president liable for sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll.

Discussing the verdict on CNN, Alyssa Farah Griffin, who quit as White House communications director in December 2020, said Trump had a pattern of behaving inappropriately with women while in the White House.

“I have countless cases of what I considered impropriety in the White House that I brought to the chief of staff because I thought the way he engaged with women was dangerous,” Farah Griffin said.

Obviously, it is important to this site to be clear that this isn’t a Republican/Democrat thing. Bill Clinton abused a very young attractive staff member and we defended him only because it didn’t rise to impeachment (Compare to January 6th). Of course, Monica Lewinsky was of age, a young adult, but the problem is the imbalance in the power structure and an inability to say “no,” that results.

Now, just days after all this news comes out, and – a sexual abuse verdict, we have a “weird” video of Trump, seeming to be purposefully walking toward someone or something, only to stop dead in his tracks upon passing what looks like a girl. Of course, it is absolutely impossible to know her age. She is clearly at least a teen, and Trump stops instantly and starts talking to her and a woman who is hard to identify.

To be fair to Trump, it looks like the girl tried to get his attention. But also notice how quickly his handlers both block the camera and look to be trying to get him to move on:

THAT is a very young girl. Twitter had some thoughts on it.


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