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Trump Supporters Are Claiming That Melania Trump Has an IQ of 200 and It’s Just Ridiculous

There are plenty of rumors online about Melania Trump’s IQ, but the frequently quoted figure of 200 seems, well, rather baseless. Even so lots of folks really do believe that the wife of former President Donald Trump really is a genius, Express claims.

Attempts to get an accurate idea of the former first lady’s IQ picked up steam in 2018 when it was discovered she was granted the so-called “Einstein visa” to gain entry into the U.S. The Einstein visa is granted to those who are highly acclaimed in their line of work.

And of course, this left a lot of people rather curious as to why she was even granted this. When she applied for the visa Melania hadn’t gained any particular renown in the modeling field. She was, however, dating Donald Trump.

But to apply for the EB-1, an applicant should provide evidence of a major award. Either that or meet three of ten criteria, per Express. And in general, the criteria demonstrate that a person has made important achievements in the field that they work in. So you can see where this leads to questions — exactly what kind of work as a model would Melania Trump have done to earn something like this?

And here’s another thing about EB-1 visas, according to Express: “They are nationally recognized awards for excellence, membership in associations that demand achievement from members, published material about you in major media, having been asked to judge an award, having done original work which contributes significantly to your field, having had scholarly articles published, having had work displayed in an exhibition, having a leading or critical role in a distinguished organization, evidence of a high salary and evidence of commercial success in the performing arts.”

As you might expect, there are the usual questionable websites that claim the former first lady’s intelligence is quite high. IQ-test.com places her I.Q. at 200, while another, Celebrity IQs.com lists it as 110. Which seems at least more likely. IQ-test.com posts no evidence about why it’s given Melania a lofty IQ and seems to have based its guess on a quote that’s attributed to her:

“No one knows this, but I am the smartest fashion model the fashion industry has ever known. I have an I.Q of over 200 on the Terman scale.”

But there’s not any evidence to ever suggest Melania even said this. That hasn’t stopped the statement from making its way through social media, and this has led some people to believe the quote is valid.

I think it’s time to put things in a different perspective: Anyone having a 200 I.Q. would be more intelligent than Albert Einstein and would be considered “profoundly gifted” according to the test.

Sure there’s a small chance that Melania may have a 200 I.Q. even though it’s definitely not likely. According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the person considered to currently have the highest I.Q. is Kim Un Yong, who was studying differential calculus by the age of three and whose I.Q. is 210.

I can’t see Melania studying differential calculus at any age, can you? She’s clearly no dummy, but c’mon. Let’s get real here. And what awards has she received, other than the booby prize when she married Donald Trump? I mean, she often doesn’t even write her own speeches, as Michelle Obama can tell you.

And let’s be real, does this look like someone with an IQ of 200?

And would someone with an IQ of 200 need to steal a speech from a previous First Lady?

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