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Trump Bizarrely Reminds Everyone That Melania Made a ‘Tremendous Amount of Money’ When She Was a Supermodel (Which She Wasn’t)

Former President Donald Trump had plenty to say about his wife Melania’s “amazing” attitude in an interview two days before he was arraigned in a Miami federal court — which we knew she wasn’t planning to attend (and in fact, didn’t attend).

Trump was asked about the former first lady on the WABC radio program of Roger Stone, a crony of Trump’s, The Independent reports.

“A lot of people texted me about this and emailed me in preparation for the show. People want to know how she’s doing, how she feels about your 2024 campaign to regain the White House, and how she’s holding up during these outrageous, unfair politically motivated attacks on you,” Stone said.

Trump’s response was a bit, well…odd.

“She’s a terrific person. She’s a very beautiful person,” he said. “As you know, she made a tremendous amount of money when she was very successful as a model.”

Why he felt it necessary to point out that Melania was successful before she met him is anyone’s guess. And the truth is, Melania was never a “supermodel”. Ever. She did a few small modeling gigs, but that’s it. Any success she might have had was after meeting Trump, and was obtained through his connections, not on her own merits.

But he soldiered on.

“And in a very low-key way, she doesn’t care that much. She’s got an attitude that’s amazing. She’s got a tremendous heart,” he told Stone. But she takes things for what they are and she’s just a very confident person. She doesn’t need things like some people, they’re always pushing themselves out there — she’s the opposite.

“How does she take it?” Trump said. “She’s hurt when the family’s hurt.”

During speeches to Republicans in Georgia and North Carolina on Saturday, Trump claimed there’s a lot of support for Melania.

“I noticed signs all over the room: ‘We love our first lady, we love our first lady.’ Pictures of Melania all over the place,” he told Stone. “People love her. They love the fact that she does not push herself out there. And she’s respected by everybody.”

Even though many of us recognize she’s a major grifter.

And while her husband was awaiting his arraignment in Miami, Melania was in New York looking for drapes for her mother’s apartment.

Yup. That’s typical Melania. But her husband says her attitude is “amazing.”

Sure. WHATever.

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