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We Now Know the Identity of the Trumper Who Called Reporter a ‘Stupid B*tch’ at Miami Restaurant and You Won’t Be Surprised

Fans of former president Donald Trump were not happy when a British journalist asked the now twice-indicted Trump if he was “ready for jail” while he was visiting Miami’s Versailles restaurant.

Yeah, Sophie Alexander’s question was cheeky but appropriate. Nevertheless, his supporters were not enamored of this and they began harassing her inside the eatery where Trump had stopped after pleading not guilty to mishandling top-secret materials at the federal courthouse in Miami.

Alexander, a producer for Sky News, posted a video on Twitter of furious Trump supporters confronting her after she asked the question. At one point a man shouts “Get out you stupid b**ch in her face as she shoots the scene, The Independent reports.

Of course, that’s Trump supporters. There’s just no basement step too low for them to take to defend their beloved messiah.

As Alexander was being escorted outside, those supporters booed her and branded her a “Traitor” and told her to “Shut up” and “Get the f**k out of here.”

Trump had just pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Tuesday in a Miami federal courthouse on 37 charges over his alleged mishandling of classified national security documents upon leaving the White House.

Alexander posted a video of the volatile confrontation on Twitter and discussed the harrowing situation.

“I was just thrown out of the Versailles bakery for asking President Trump if he was ready to go to jail. A man screamed ‘stupid b*tch’ in my face while others said I was a ‘traitor’ #TrumpArraignment.”

“The moment a man screamed ‘stupid b*tch’ in my face after I publicly questioned Donald Trump. Thanks to all those asking, I got out perfectly safely,” Alexander said.

“I did not shout ‘Trump for prison’. I asked: ‘President Trump are you ready for jail?’, a perfectly legitimate question.”

Unfortunately, Trump supporters don’t like anyone, especially journalists, asking questions about repercussions their idol may face. Freedom of the press is supposed to be protected under the First Amendment but that’s an uncomfortable reality for Trump and his supporters who are simply unable to face it.

And we now know who screamed at Alexander, and it was Michael Caputo, a major Trumper who used to work in the health department during Trump’s Administration.

Caputo describes himself as a “TradCatholic” in his Twitter bio, and I have no idea what that is. But I am pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t approve of any man calling a woman a stupid bitch.

Caputo is so bad he actually had to quit his job with Trump because he’s so unhinged:

And it appears Caputo isn’t sorry for what he said, as he’s been on Twitter all day just eating up the attention:

Only the best people!

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