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Elon Musk Blames ‘Woke’ Private School for Turning His Daughter Transgender and into a Communist

Sounds like a fun place!

Everyone has come to know Elon Musk no longer as the electric car guy, but as the guy who’s made it his mission to eliminate “wokeness.” Conservatives can never seem to describe what it means to be woke, they just know they don’t like it.

His daughter, Vivian Jenna Wilson, is 19. But 19 years ago, she was born Xavier Alexander Musk. She decided to transition both in name and gender after a rift came between her and her father and she wanted to distance herself from him — as well as the fact that she felt she was biologically the wrong gender.

Now Elon is blaming the private $50,000-a-year Crossroads school he sent her to for subjecting her to what he calls the “woke mind virus.”

Initially, he had no issues with her transitioning to female. But when she separated herself from him entirely, he felt that it was because she had become a Marxist, then a Communist, indoctrinated by the school to believe that anyone rich is an evil person.

He’s actually quoted to that exact effect: “She went beyond socialism to being a full communist and thinking that anyone rich is evil.”

Without going too far into personal beliefs, I will say that I would be proud to have a child brave enough to both determine their own identity and hold views that are hard for most people to comprehend.

Musk is, of course, wrong about what Communism is. Or rather, he’s not so much wrong as he is deliberately mischaracterizing it, like all conservatives do. They call today’s Democratic Party Communist without acknowledging that the top marginal tax rate on the wealthy is lower than it was under Ronald Reagan.

Vivian Jenna Wilson, pictured, filed a petition to legally change her gender to female just three days after her birthday

But this is the first time that Musk has blamed a specific source for what’s happened between him and his daughter.

Honestly, I wouldn’t need to have an opinion about rich people one way or the other to dislike Elon Musk, though. He’s just kind of a jerk, and he proves it every day since he turned Twitter into X and started forcing right-wing content into everyone’s feeds, allowing self-important people to buy the once-coveted blue checkmark that means you’re “somebody” on the platform, and openly using X to curb what he thinks are the nefarious effects of wokeness.

Needless to say, Elon Musk is the latest in a long line of people who can’t reconcile the fact that they’re disliked with the fact that they’re unlikeable. They believe there has to be some other reason.

It’s you, Elon.

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