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Legal Expert Reveals a Disaster Is Coming for Trump in His Stolen Documents Case

This is becoming what we'd hoped the impeachments would be, and more.

We all know that Donald Trump both (a) never thinks things through, and (b) never thinks he’ll get caught. According to former US Attorney Andrew Weissmann, those two things could be enough to do him in.

The Mar-a-Lago case involving classified documents in Trump’s personal residence has always been the biggest thorn in his side of all 4 indictments. Unfortunately for Trump, working in a space you feel comfortable in makes you let down your guard.

Trump aide Molly Michael resigned over concerns about Trump not returning the documents when he was subpoenaed. But that’s not all she talked about with Special Counsel Jack Smith. She also told him that Trump had used the backs of documents with classified markings as scrap paper to make to-do lists for his assistants.

More importantly, when he found out that that Michael would be speaking to investigators, Trump doomed himself with one little sentence: “You don’t know anything about the boxes.” Just that one phrase alone, spoken into the record in court, would be enough to convict him on obstruction of justice.

Weissmann told MSNBC on Monday:

“We didn’t need this piece of proof, but this is an aide to Donald Trump that was saying that she knows firsthand that Donald Trump knew that he had classified information that he should not have had at Mar-a-Lago, that she told him that his claims to the government that you’ve returned everything would be ‘easily disproved.’

And when Donald Trump learned that she was going to be spoken with by the investigators, she said that Donald Trump told her, ‘you don’t know anything about the boxes.’ So you have not only a first hand witness to the illegal retention of the national defensive information, but you have yet another instance of alleged obstruction of justice, which is lying to investigators.”

Weissmann went on to say, “This is just too overwhelming a rock crusher of the case. If this reporting is accurate, from Ms. Michael, who many people say is ’employee two’ in the Florida indictment, but if that is, it certainly has the ring of truth.”

Again, this new information is almost overkill. Prosecutors must be absolutely salivating over this evidence, and now that the word is out, Trump must be shaking in his oversized suit.

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