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Melania Said Vogue Wouldn’t Give Her the Cover Because ‘People Are Jealous’ and ‘They Want to Be Her’

Donald Trump, in a recent interview, said that Melania Trump “doesn’t care” that she wasn’t featured on the cover of Vogue magazine during their time in the White House, remarking that she had already been featured on the front of the leading fashion publication. But based on a recording taken by her former close friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

During a talk with former Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly on the “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Sirius, the fat quadruply indicted former president commented on his wife when asked about her absence from the 2024 campaign trail.

“She’s doing very well. She’s a very good woman,” he said. “As you know, she was a very popular first lady. I mean, I go out to rallies and they have pictures of Melania with ‘We love our first lady’ with so many posters.”

Posters? What is he even talking about? Do people bring posters of Melania to his rallies? I’ve been covering that sociopathic fat slob for 8 years now and I’ve never seen a poster of Melania at a rally. And as for Melania being a “very popular first lady”, that’s a big, fat, orange NOPE as well. Zogby Analytics polled a sampling of Americans for their thoughts on the past 12 women who have served as first lady and Melania came in second to last. Only Pat Nixon came in behind her.

But moving along, Kelly then brought up the fact that poor Melania never got to be on the cover of Vogue when she was first lady. As if being on the cover of Vogue is something all first ladies are just given. This is simply not the case. Yes, Michelle Obama had three covers, but being the first Black first lady, along with generally being a bad-ass who dealt with horrific abuse from the right with absolute grace and dignity earned her that. She was a Princeton graduate, as well as a graduate of Harvard Law School. Melania not only didn’t complete even a semester of college, she lied about it. Including lying about it under oath. Plus, people wanted to see Michelle Obama. Vogue isn’t going to put unpopular people on their covers. Why would they? They put women who are ambitious and admirable on the cover, two things Melania Trump are not.

Hillary Clinton was also on the cover of Vogue in 1998 when she was First Lady, because she wasn’t the typical first lady. Clinton was an attorney, a first lady who did her darnedest to get national health care passed into law, dealt with an unfaithful spouse with dignity, then immediately became a U.S. Senator and then Secretary of State. And Melania is whining that she doesn’t get a cover?

Moving back to the interview, Kelly said, “Do you believe they never put her on Vogue, on the cover of Vogue? And they just they just let Karine Jean-Pierre in there?”

Trump also questioned the lack of a Vogue cover for Melania, a former “supermodel” (which is not true), when she was the first lady.

“Can you believe it? Can you believe it? She was on the cover of Vogue before she met me,” the fatty said. “But once I said I’m running for president, that was, that was the end of the cover.”

“And it’s so sad. But she doesn’t care,” he continued. “She’s been on the cover of the magazines for a long time, and she was on the cover of Vogue before. And she was actually very friendly with [Vogue editor] Anna Wintour. But once I ran for politics, that was the end of that. And that’s OK.”

And just to point out another one of Trump’s lies, Melania was NOT on the cover of Vogue before she met Trump. Melania appeared on the cover of the magazine for the February 2005 issue, where she was photographed wearing her wedding dress. She only got the Vogue gig because of who she was marrying. She didn’t get it on her own merits, which is what Trump wants. She was a run-of-the-mill Eastern European model who happened to land herself a very rich man. That was all did she, and she got herself a Vogue cover out of it.

Melania has also brought up the issue of the Vogue snub in the past.

In May 2022, Melania accused the magazine of bias after first lady Jill Biden appeared on the August 2021 cover, just months after moving into the White House.

“They’re biased and they have likes and dislikes, and it’s so obvious,” she told Fox Nation in one of her very few interviews after leaving the White House. “And I think American people and everyone sees it. It was their decision, and I have much more important things to do — and I did in the White House — than being on the cover of Vogue.”

Melania likes to act like she doesn’t care, but on a secretly recorded tape by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, she said something different. Melania admitted that Vogue DID indeed approach her to do a profile in Vogue, but she wasn’t willing to do it unless she got the cover. And she said she’d never get the cover because “people are jealous of her and want to be her.”

“When Vogue said like ‘oh, we want you to do a profile.’ Profile? F you profile. I don’t need profile,” Melania says in the leaked recording.

“What I need another profile? ‘It might be a cover’, I’m like it might be a cover? I don’t need, I don’t give a fuck about Vogue and any magazine.”

Melania also questioned the need for “another photoshoot”, saying the publication can go to “Getty Images and get the pictures.”

Melania continued to vent to Wolkoff over the possibility of appearing on the magazine’s coveted “September Issue”, saying it will never happen because people are jealous of her.

“They would never do it. No way. No way. All these people are so mad….Some people they say like, well, they’re jealous they want to be you,” she says.

“I’m doing so much more important stuff,” she adds, saying: “Do I care? I don’t.”


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