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Trump Straight Up Admits Impeaching Biden Is All for Revenge — He Wants to Get Back at Those Who Impeached Him

Well, that clears things up.

During his recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump suggested that if Democrats during his administration hadn’t impeached him (twice), then Republicans might not be going after President Joe Biden with such gusto.

Indeed, it seems that because of Trump’s framing of anything against him as a “witch hunt,” and maybe even back to Bill Clinton’s frivolous impeachment over a sexual indiscretion, the process has been cheapened.

What’s required to impeach a President is evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” What Democrats had on Trump reached far beyond what it needed to. There is no such evidence of anything impeachable Joe Biden has done.

Nevertheless, Trump aired his opinion: “I think had they not done it to me … perhaps you wouldn’t have it being done to them. And this is going to happen with indictments, too.”

That last bit, of course, alludes to the fact that he has actually come right out and said that he would and could bring charges against his political opponents just to get them out of the way, as he claims the left is doing now with the indictments against him.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told the House to begin an impeachment inquiry into President Biden this week. Although they keep claiming they do, the GOP has no direct evidence of President Biden being personally involved in any of the things they’re discussing impeachment for.

And it seems that Trump understands the process now: he told Megyn Kelly that ultimately it would be up to the entirety of the House to decide to impeach Biden, not just Republicans. But he’s made his feelings known. Back in August, he wrote on Truth Social that the House should impeach Biden or they would “fade into OBLIVION.”

Despite the fact that his two impeachments were based on provable, factual events, and his four indictments are based on 91 actual felony charges brought not by lawmakers but by lawyers, Trump believes that this will open the door to retaliatory legal moves by Republicans now and in the future.

“As time goes by, you’re going to see republicans when they’re in power doing it,” he told Kelly.

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