Trump Tried to Cheat on Melania in the White House With a ‘Young, Highly Attractive’ Female Aide

I was surfing Twitter and came upon some tweets that reminded me of something that happened in the White House under Trump. And since Trump could very well end up in the White House again, I think it’s important we discuss and report on it again.

First, this was the tweet that got me quite angry, as I knew immediately what this account was referring to.

Back when a jury found Trump liable for sexual assault, two of his former aides came forward and alleged he also committed sexual misconduct in the White House.

Trump’s aides, former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin, and former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham were interviewed by CNN’s Erin Burnett after the verdict was handed down in the case brought forward by writer E. Jean Carroll, Truthout reports. The jury found Trump liable for sexually assaulting Carroll in the mid-1990s and also found him liable for defaming her. Trump spent years deriding her, calling her a liar, and his comments were so vitriolic in fact, that it cost Carroll her job.

The jury awarded her $5 million. Trump’s lewd and misogynistic behavior towards women has been well-documented, but this marked the first time a jury has rendered a verdict saying Trump engaged in an act of violent sexually-motivated aggression toward another person.

And according to Griffin, in her CNN interview, there were “countless cases” of “impropriety” by Trump while he was in office.

Trump’s behavior, in fact, caused her real concern.

“I thought the way he engaged with women was dangerous,” Griffin said, adding that there were “things that I would consider improper and that I had a duty to report,” to her superiors in the Trump administration.

“We wanted to chalk it up to locker room talk in 2016,” Griffin said, referring to the excuses Trump and his followers made after leaked audio from the infamous Access Hollywood tape was made public during 2016’s presidential campaign. “It was not locker room talk.”

Grisham has detailed Trump’s predatory behavior toward women in books she’s written about her time in the Trump administration, and she appeared on CNN to discuss the verdict in the civil trial.

The then-president continually commented on women’s looks during his time in office, Grisham said, referring to one particularly awful instance.

“Trump would always comment on women’s looks. He would even talk to me sometimes about various plastic surgeries, et cetera . . . But with this one staffer, it was really bad. . . . And the sad thing is every senior staff member knew it, everybody talked about it in our White House,” Grisham told Burnett.

“I did everything I could to keep her off of trips actually and to stay with her if she was with him alone, because I was really nervous about what could happen, Grisham said.”

There were even times when Trump would order his subordinates to bring the woman nearer to him so that he could comment on her looks to others, Grisham said.

“He one time had one of my other deputies bring her back so that they could ‘look at her ass’ is what he said to him,” Grisham said.

This was a frustrating situation for Grisham and others who were concerned about Trump’s behavior. While they alerted then-chief of staff Mark Meadows to this, they really felt there was little else they could do.

“I think at the end of the day, what could they do other than go in there and say, ‘This isn’t good, sir?” Grisham said.

Just think about it. What if Trump had been able to get this girl alone in a private part of the Oval Office? Or his private suite on Air Force One? What could’ve happened?

However, in an exclusive interview with Newsweek, the staffer, who Newsweek is allowing to remain anonymous, says Grisham and Griffin are lying.

“None of what is being insinuated or alleged is even remotely true,” she told Newsweek via text messages.

When asked about the staffer’s denial, Grisham told Newsweek that the woman wasn’t in the room when Trump allegedly made the comments about her.

“Everybody talked about how much he paid attention to her and he always called for her and wanted her on trips,” she said. “Everybody noticed it.”

Grisham added, “It’s kind of a well-known thing in D.C. circles.”

Of course this women is going to deny it, because it is alleged she still works for Trump, and could possibly be Margo Martin, an assistant who very closely resembles Melania and frequently posts photos of her and Trump together:

While Trump didn’t testify during the civil trial, in the video deposition of him responding to Carroll’s lawyers he spent plenty of time disparaging women and this was shown to the jurors. At one point he claimed he wouldn’t have raped Carroll because she wasn’t his “type.” Then he told one of her lawyers that she “wouldn’t be a choice” of his.

At least 26 women have come forward over the years and accused Trump of sexual harassment, according to Vice, which has been keeping a tally.

Carroll was jubilant at the outcome (who can blame her?), and she celebrated. This case, she said, wasn’t about money, it was about holding Trump accountable for his actions.

“I am overwhelmed, overwhelmed with joy and happiness and delight for the women in this country,” she said.

Not only is this a victory for Carroll and other women who have been sexually harassed by this man; it’s a victory for every woman who has ever been sexually harassed by any man. We are rarely ever listened to but this changes everything.

I hope so, anyway.


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