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Joe Biden’s Chin in Israel Video Sparks Conspiracy Theory and MAGAs are Going Nuts

Let me get this straight: The death toll in the Gaza Strip continues to rise catastrophically, but some people in the U.S. are worried about President Joe Biden’s chin.

There have long been conspiracy theories about Biden, especially some that claim he either has a body double or that someone’s wearing a Joe Biden mask and on and on.

And now Newsweek reports that a video of Biden after his trip to Israel is making the rounds and, of course, so is a rather odd conspiracy, where some social media users are accusing the president of skipping the trip completely and, as I said above, using a body double.

The live footage of Biden was broadcast by CNN on October 18, where he addressed reporters aboard Air Force One. He discussed the need for humanitarian aid for people in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

On October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel, it became the deadliest attack by land, sea, and air in Israel’s history. Israelis responded by launching airstrikes on Gaza, and according to the Associated Press, that has led to the deaths of 1400 people in Israel, per the Israeli military. Gaza, however, has suffered many more deaths — at least 4,100 people have been killed, the AP reports, citing the Gaza Health Ministry.

“Virtually every mass shooting, every circumstance, where a large number of people have been victimized and lost, I spoke to them… I learned a long time ago, but you all learned in your life as well,” Biden told reporters while grabbing his chin and casting his eyes downward in a pensive gesture.

“When someone’s going through something that is beyond their comprehension that they never thought they’d have to go through if they see someone who they think understands who went through something not the same but similar, it gives them some sense of hope,” Biden said.

But rather than concerning themselves with the very real human tragedy that continues to worsen, some social media users were more worried about Biden’s appearance, not his message. These fools wrote that the message was spoken by an imposter in a mask, not Joe Biden.

I don’t understand these people. At all. They spend hours poring over videos, articles from dubious sites, and sketchy memes. I should be floored by this, but there’s little in human behavior that surprises me anymore.

“For those that don’t know that’s not joe Biden it’s a mask,” one user posted on X. “If you don’t believe [me], look up pictures of Biden when he was vice president not the same person.”

That’s a word salad if there ever was one, but even more of these people have crawled out of the woodwork.

“What happened to his chin? It’s a mask!” posted someone named Susan. Meanwhile, white nationalist Jack Posobiec posted: “Holy shlit.”

“They’ve been pretty good up until now making sure he never spends too long in a hot room so the mask will start coming off of his chin,” posted @ArmourofGod14.

“The real Joe Biden did not go to Israel,” @LeesonFreedom wrote.

“It really looks like Joe Biden is wearing a skin mask of his own face,” wrote Toni, while Micki Larson-Olson posted: “Do you finally believe us.”

No. I don’t. These people are probably flat-earthers, despite the numerous photos that show our home looking very, very round. They probably think those photos are fake.

And how people can be dithering over this nonsense as innocent people continue to be killed is absolutely beyond me.

Biden did have his defenders.

“I don’t think joe biden is wearing a mask or whatever it just looks like a facelift or face tape to me they’re trying to subtly yassify him,” posted @fillefoux.

“Sometimes I honestly believe there is an army of ‘conservative leaning profiles who are really just plants who aim to continually steer the dialog towards jokes, sarcasm and defeatism,” posted David Fileger.

These folks have some other interesting conspiracy theories. One theory is that the White House uses a CGI version of Biden in video messages and that Biden is actually dead, and his (non-existent) twin brother Beau has taken over as president.

All I’m going to say here, in conclusion, is that I wish Donald Trump had a twin brother.

If like me, you’d like to help the innocent victims of this horrible atrocity, instead of believing in stupid things, check this out.

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