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Mike Johnson’s Wife Frantically Tries to Scrub Her Hateful Past by Deleting Her Website — But the Internet Never Forgets and We Have it

Most of us have heard of the stranger aspects of House Speaker Mike Johnson’s “covenant marriage” which makes obtaining a divorce significantly more difficult, but now speculation is focusing on his wife, Kelly.

Both are ardently anti-LGBTQ+ and it looks like that is coming back to haunt her, and since today is Halloween, why not? Boo!

Mike Johnson (R-La.) has made it eminently clear that he uses the Bible as his instruction manual for living and he has continually done whatever he can to harm LGBTQ+ rights both as a lawyer and a lawmaker.

Last weekend, Johnson noted on his website that his wife Kelly, is a “Licensed Christian Counselor and former school teacher.” They were married in 1999 and are active within the Louisiana Southern Baptist community. Now, however, his website describes her as a “licensed pastoral counselor,” and no, I have no idea what the difference is between “Christian” and “pastoral” means. That’s for people with entirely too much time on their hands to figure out.

Well, HuffPost has been busy lately, reporting on Friday that Kelly runs Onward Christian Counseling Services. It poked around the business’s website and offered a link to its 2017 operating agreement. Unsurprisingly the agreement states the business operator’s belief that sex is offensive to God if it does not take place between a man and a woman married to one another.

And the “business operator” lumped homosexuality in with bestiality and incest.

“We believe and the Bible teaches us that any form of sexual immorality, such as adultery, fornication, homosexuality, bisexual conduct, bestiality, incest, pornography or any attempt to change one’s sex, or disagreement with one’s biological sex, is sinful and offensive to God.”

And of course, since Johnson is a public notary, he of course signed it. Natch.

Business Insider also did a bit of poking around, running a story about Kelly Johnson’s business yesterday. According to her business, her counseling service divides people into some pretty antiquated personality types, loosely based on the teachings of the Greek physician Hippocrates.

Kelly Johnson’s so-called “Temperament counseling” splits people into categories: Melancholy, Choleric, Sanguine, Supine, and Phlegmatic.

And as you might expect, the system was devised by a couple who worked with the notorious homophobe Tim LaHaye — Richard and Phyllis Arno, who founded the National Christian Counselors Association in the 1980s. This so-called “Christian Counselor’s Association encourages therapists and clients to fully engage with their brainwashing, er, faith even if it means doing it in an unorthodox (read: harmful) way.

Johnson, on her website, makes no specific mention of conversion therapy. However, if she does practice this, it’s not against the law in Louisiana, the state doesn’t ban conversion therapy.

And it looks like Kelly Johnson’s website was promptly taken down Saturday afternoon, just one day after HuffPost’s report.

The Johnsons, for some reason, haven’t been in a hurry to respond to requests for comment, nor have they offered an explanation into why the website has vanished into thin air. And it’s unclear if Kelly Johnson will continue to offer her faith-based brainwashing, I mean counseling following her husband’s unfortunate rise to House Speaker. According to Mike Johnson, she’s been very busy over the past two weeks on her knees praying.

I’m sure.

But since the internet is eternal, a screenshot of Kelly’s website was saved to the Web Archive website. And others noted that taking the website down at this stage was a bit too late.

And others couldn’t help but join in:

But Kelly can at least console herself with one other person besides her husband. Disgraced former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, fresh from pleading guilty to election interference charges in Georgia, supports her.

In a tweet, Ellis said Kelly’s business isn’t equating gay sex with bestiality and she shouldn’t have removed the site.

“The statement is providing examples of ‘any form’ of sexual immorality — not comparing or equating them. Further, it’s inaccurate. Each of those examples listed are in fact actions the bible teaches are immoral.”

Of course, while Kelly’s “service” may not be comparing gay sex with all of the other aforementioned big bad naughty no-nos, it is being lumped in there with them. Which is actually comparing them, whether Trump’s former attorney who’s on trial for alleged election interference thinks so or not.

Make no mistake, the Johnsons are one scary couple, and as House Speaker, Mike Johnson can do real harm.

Maybe that’s what Republicans want.

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