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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Desperately Tries to Distract From Podium-Gate With Dumb New Anti-Woke Law

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders can’t seem to escape “Podiumgate.” And she shouldn’t be allowed to because it’s her own d@mned fault.

So she’s pulling publicity stunts that do absolutely nothing for the people in her state. Take Thursday, for instance, when she signed a dumb executive order that bans gender-neutral terms from state documents. This includes terms like “birth-giver” and “laboring person,” Queerty reports.

Like I said, dumb.

Someone asked how many times these now-banned phrases have been, this political nepo baby said she was aware of one instance.

Whooeey zooey, ONE instance. Jeekies, somebody better call in the Marines!

“We are all here to say, frankly, that we’ve had enough,” she kvetched at a press conference. “Trying to erase women and girls, enough denying our biological differences from men, and enough of the craziness that is taking over our country.”

This, I believe is Huckabee Sandersese for: I’m tired of all these mofos bugging me about that podium. If I hear about it one more time, I’m gonna hit someone over the head with it.”

I believe she’s diverting, diverting, and diverting. Period. The woman doesn’t have an authentic bone in her body.

And she’s focusing on these completely unimportant laws like the one above AND is entirely over-fixated on the LGBTQ+ community, while 400,000 people in her state just found themselves kicked off of Medicaid.

Plus, Arkansas has the fifth-highest poverty rate, accompanied by the second-worst food insecurity in the country. A recent survey by Scholaroo found that Arkansas ranks 49th in the U.S. for quality of life and 50th in the nation for quality of health.

But Huckabee Sanders is wielding her executive power like a club to beat down gender-neutral terminology.

She lauded her hollow victory on Fox News Thursday night.

“The idea that we have this is just absolute insanity,” she told Sean Hannity. “We are now living in a world where everything is crazy versus what’s normal. And the left continues to push this woke agenda, basically trying to erase the differences of women versus, ignoring all of science and biology, and completely ignoring the fact that women have a unique perspective.”

I have to stifle a laugh whenever Republicans like Huckabee talk about “science and biology.” Really, Republicans are such adorable little chipmunks, they are. If they really understood either, they’d know that human chromosomes can be rather creative sometimes and create all kinds of conditions.

And I have no idea why she hates people in the LGBTQ+ community so much. But she clearly does. Huckabee Sanders has attacked people in this community at every turn, championing her own “Don’t Say Gay” legislation and as many anti-trans bills as she can muster. She’s even gone so far as to name Jacob Oliva, one of the architects of Ron DeSantis’s homophobic agenda, to run the Department of Education in her state.

Trump’s former favorite lapdog has gone to such lengths as signing a law that bans the word “Latinx” from state documents early in her term as governor.

Of course, her most recent attack comes as she faces a flood of backlash over that stupid podium that cost nearly $20,000.

As Queerty notes;

“For some reason, Arkansas bought a $19,029.25 lectern from a company called Beckett Events LLC, which happens to be run by one of Sanders’ closest advisors.”

“Adding to the coincidence, the podium was purchased right around the time Sanders took a taxpayer-funded European vacay that she branded as a “trade mission.” Social media posts show Beckett and her business partner, Hannah Stone, overlapped with Sanders in France last summer.”

While the podium was ordered in June, it wasn’t delivered until August. And records show that the Arkansas GOP didn’t pay for the lectern until September. What’s weirder is that the words “to be reimbursed” weren’t added to the original invoice until later.

Tom Mars, an attorney has stepped forward saying he has a client willing to provide a confidential statement to lawmakers. He says this client has firsthand knowledge of Huckabee Sanders’ office interfering with open records requests.

And the reason we know this is simple: Huckabee Sanders called a special session to overhaul her state’s public records law. That, of course, opened up her office to Freedom of Information Act requests.

So that means it’s time for her to deflect, and deflect some more.

In a press conference earlier this week, Huckabee Sanders said she doesn’t use the lectern because the media would “talk about nothing else” if she stood behind it.

“While we are focused on things that actually impact our states and impact Arkansas, the media wants to spend all of their time focused on things that frankly don’t,” she complained.

You know, impactful things like signing laws to make it easier to send kids to work. Things like that.

Folks on X are all sorts of thoughtful about Sarah and her podium.

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