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Trump Gets Called Out for Being the Ultimate Hypocrite at His Mar-a-Lago Campaign Fundraiser

Because of course.

For all of Donald Trump’s bluster about guns, especially after there’s been a mass shooting like the one in Maine this week, he sure does seem okay with rules that affect who can get near him with a weapon.

I suppose it seems a bit unfair to point out Trump’s relationship with guns. Number one, the security you see in the video below is likely due to Secret Service policies and not something Trump himself requested. Still, he has requested that there not be security of this nature at some of his own events, just to prove that nobody was coming to kill him.

Secondly, however, Trump was bitterly against guns before he was President. In fact, before he realized that Republican politics was going to be his new cash cow, he was quite liberal. He was pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and he donated large sums of money to Democratic politics.

In fact, the Clintons were at his wedding to Melania back in 2005.

But now, in a year where there have already been nearly 600 mass shootings in America, Trump has to keep up appearances with his hardcore base. The hypocrisy is through the roof, of course. Republicans complain when a store or a school or a bank has a no-guns rule, but they’re fine with disarming all of the attendees at their own events.

Even the NRA has nothing to say about it.

Heck, Trump oversaw the signing of legislation that didn’t just allow but encouraged people to open-carry firearms into their places of worship. Guns in church, but not in Mar-a-Lago. Of course.

There are Republicans in Congress now who have moved away from the American flag pins that somehow became part of the uniform for both parties a few years ago, and they’re now wearing AR-15 pins on the lapels of their jackets.

Do you have some doubt that Trump could have decided whether or not guns would be allowed into his Florida resort? Remember the testimony of Mark Meadows’ former top aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, about what Trump said as he was about to address the “Stop the Steal” rally just before the Capitol riots on January 6th:

“I don’t f*cking care that they have weapons. They’re not here to hurt me. Take the f*cking mags away.”

“Mags” refers to the magnetometers used at high-security events — they’re like metal detectors, but much more powerful and effective at much larger distances.

Trump pays lip service to his 2A-loving fans, but let them into Mar-a-Lago? Not on your life.

People quickly called Trump out:

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