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Americans Are Loving How Garth Brooks Dissed Melania Trump at Rosalynn Carter’s Funeral

The five surviving members of the first lady club were united on Tuesday as they stood together front and center at Rosalynn Carter’s funeral.

Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and current first lady Jill Biden sat in the front row of the church, and it was difficult to not notice quite a few things about one of the First Ladies in general.

Never one to shy away from controversial or costly sartorial choices, Melania managed to cause a bit of a stir when she arrived in a gray tweed coat and skirt by Dior. Now the coat was black and white tweed, so yes, there was black in the coat. But with the tweed design, the coat looks gray and it made her stick out from everyone else, including all the other First Ladies, who wore pure dark black.

It is a choice that may very well have been meant to make a statement, according to Melania’s former chief-of-staff Stephanie Grisham.

“I this it’s very possible she is trying to stand out, she is known for not being out a whole lot,” Grisham tells Inside Edition. “She basically been behind closed doors since they left the White House. She may be thinking: ‘Hey, I am out, I am doing this with all the other former first ladies, I am sticking to tradition, I am doing what any first lady is supposed to do, but I’m also going to stand out,'”

Grisham then adds: “It wouldn’t surprise me at all. She doesn’t do anything without thinking it through.”

And that is just another reason I can’t stand Melania Trump. She HAS to make it about herself. Kate Bennett, who used to be a reporter for CNN on the First Lady beat, demonstrated this before, when Melania wore a bright, almost fluorescent green dress to the Republican National Convention in 2020.

It was also the night we got this famous look when Melania greeted her stepdaughter Ivanka, and showed the world that these two woman hate each other:

And Melania knows that one wears black to a funeral. Here she is at the recent funeral of Trump’s sister Maryanne:

And at Ivana’s funeral:

So, she knew. Now let’s get on to Garth Brooks, as this was rather fun to see. Country music star Brooks performed John Lennon’s song “Imagine” at the funeral with his wife Trisha Yearwood.

When Brooks left he said goodbye to many of the people seated in the front row, including Melania Trump, Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris. Former First Lady Michelle Obama received a tight side hug and a cheek-to-cheek air kiss from the singer. Brooks, always the gentleman, seemed to be playing a friendly tune with his greetings.

But then, in walked Melania Trump, and the notes got distinctly chillier. A handshake was in order, and when it came to the cheek kiss, it was strictly a “no-touching” affair. The internet erupted in laughter as they observed the subtle yet distinct shift in Brooks’ greeting style.

Brooks is a country singer, but is very progressive. Brooks and Yearwood had gotten to know the former President Jimmy Carter and his wife during their time doing volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity.

“It’s tough. President Carter calls Ms. Yearwood his second favorite Georgia peach,” Brooks told reporters they day after Rosalynn’s death, according to American Songwriter. “All I can think about right now is, when you think about President Carter, you don’t say one without the other.”

“They were inseparable,” he continued. “Miss Yearwood called her ‘quiet warrior.’ If you ever got to hang around her, President Carter always steals the show, and then when it comes time for her to speak, she’ll walk to the mic. What she says is very quiet but yet very powerful.”

People absolutely loved the diss:


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