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Biden Campaign Makes Trump Look Like an Absolute Idiot Again, Just by Letting Him Speak

It's like fish in a barrel.

There seems to be a theme for this year’s presidential campaign: Which guy sounds older and more confused?

Trump has been trying desperately to paint Joe Biden as forgetful and even stupid. But Joe hasn’t stooped so low when it comes to name-calling and finger-pointing; he just lets Donald Trump speak for himself.

Take this latest clip, for example, posted to X by Biden-Harris HQ. It’s short, under ten seconds. But it says everything that needs to be said. In it, Trump says “I believe by the end of this administration it’ll be 15 million people, that’s bigger than New York State.”

He made that comment in Edinburg, Texas, and to be honest, I don’t watch his entire speeches anymore, so I’m not even sure what he’s referring to. But New York state is bigger than 15 million people. It’s actually closer to 20 million people.

This is the problem with being as confident as Donald Trump is. He thinks he knows a thing and just says it. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that he would argue with you if you pointed out how far off his numbers are.

Is this what the entire campaign will look like? Just clip after clip of Trump staring into a solar eclipse, taking a sharpie to a weather map, and standing proudly in front of hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of fast food?

To be honest, I kind of hope so. I don’t think Joe needs to do much, really — he just needs to keep letting Trump talk and keep mining for these video gems.

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