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Crazed Trump Just Posted the Most Vile, Shocking and Hateful Thanksgiving Message That it’s Hard to Believe it’s Real

Happy Thanksgiving my fine liberal friends! Or Happy Friendsgiving or whatever you happen to celebrate. Or just…Happy Thursday! And if you happen to be working on this holiday, thank you! I know it’s not easy, and I really hope you are getting double time.

On Thanksgiving, we are supposed to gather with our friends and family and give thanks for what we have. Many families, including mine, have this goofy tradition where we go around the table and each person says what they are thankful for. Some people take it seriously, and say their health, their children, etc. Others are more silly and say they are thankful for Diet Coke (me!) and football. Regardless, it’s a day we celebrate being thankful.

Donald Trump is thankful for nothing. He’s only thankful for himself, which he has actually said, out loud, and the video is at the bottom of this post. He’s just a demented, sick mother*cker. Trump doesn’t say thank you to anyone. In his mind he’s the one who should be thanked…and that thank you better come with a “Sir!” as well. Trump has been given everything in his life, from the moment he was born. He was even handed a million dollar company from his father which he used to build into NYC real estate empire. Of course he will soon be losing that empire, all because the rotten pig believes he’s above the law and rules don’t apply to him.

Trump doesn’t understand the idea behind Thanksgiving. In his mind, the people of this country should be thanking HIM. For what, who the hell knows. But in his sick mind the country OWES him. And he’s not thanking anyone.

I was a bit surprised at 2am EST when I got a notification that Trump posted something on Truth Social. This is usually when he sleeps. But no, he was up, sending a Thanksgiving message to his 6.49 million followers on his failing social media site. And what a message it was.

Trump said, “Happy Thanksgiving to ALL, including the Racist & Incompetent Attorney General of New York State, Letitia “Peekaboo” James, who has let Murder & Violent Crime FLOURISH, & Businesses FLEE; the Radical Left Trump Hating Judge, a “Psycho,” Arthur Engoron, who Criminally Defrauded the State of New York, & ME, by purposely Valuing my Assets at a “tiny” Fraction of what they are really worth in order to convict me of Fraud before even a Trial, or seeing any PROOF, & used his Politically Biased & Corrupt Campaign Finance Violator, Chief Clerk Alison Greenfield, to sit by his side on the “Bench” & tell him what to do; & Crooked Joe Biden, who has WEAPONIZED his Department of Injustice against his Political Opponent, & allowed our Country to go to HELL; & all of the other Radical Left Lunatics, Communists, Fascists, Marxists, Democrats, & RINOS, who are seriously looking to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY.”

He then ended his delightful message with, “Have no fear, however, we will WIN the Presidential Election of 2024, & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

Imagine reading that and thinking that man is great? Imagine reading that nonsensical gobbledygook and thinking to yourself that THAT MAN is the one you think should be running the country?

I don’t want our country divided…it breaks my heart. I have lost friends and family members over Trump. I often think about the Super Bowl in February 2002 which I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. It was just 4 months after 9/11 and we were all still so broken, yet so strong and resilient. I am originally from Boston, and the Super Bowl was in New Orleans, a red state, and my beloved Patriots were playing the St. Louis Rams (they are now the Los Angeles Rams).

I will never forget how incredible that game was. Not just because the Pats won. But because every single person in that stadium were one. We were all American. There was no red state/blue state shit. No division. Just unity. Hugging people you never met. The halftime show was U2, and they did the most amazing tribute to the people lost on 9/11. Mariah Carey performed the National Anthem, accompanied by the Boston Pops. It was an extraordinary night because we were ONE. I know it is possible. I have seen it. And I know we can get there again. I pray we can get there again. But we can’t with Donald Trump as president, or with Donald Trump a part of this country’s national political discourse. He’s poison and must be found guilty of at least one of his many crimes and locked up for good.

Then the people who loved him must be given time to grieve and heal and come to terms with the truth. And us liberals must allow them to do that. No shame. No “I told you so”. Just grace. And forgiveness as a nation because together we are so much better than that one sociopathic man who wants to be president for no other reason than to seek revenge on his enemies and to enrich himself financially. We can do it. We’ve done it before. We are fucking Americans. We can do anything.

Remember, when someone tells you who they are, believe them:

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Nicole Hickman James is a lifelong Democrat and political activist who first cut her teeth as a teenager volunteering for Mike Dukakis’ presidential campaign. She has worked and volunteered for John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, HFA (Hillary For America), and Organizing For Action. She’s passionate about liberal and progressive causes and considers President Obama her favorite president ever. She holds her Bachelor’s from Boston College in Economics and her Master's from Columbia, also in Economics. When not working as a writer, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her three college-aged children.


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