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Former Trump Aide Says Mark Meadows Told Her Trump Was NOT Leaving the White House

The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin confirmed that during her time as a White House aide, she was indeed told that Donald Trump wasn’t going to leave office after 2020.

As I’d written earlier, former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis explained in an interview to the Fulton County (Georgia) district attorney’s office, that an excited White House aide told her Trump wasn’t going to leave on January 20, when Joe Biden was inaugurated. That was revealed by ABC News on Monday, Raw Story reports.

“The boss is not going to leave under any circumstances,” Dan Scavino, Trump’s social media dude, allegedly said. “We are just going to stay in power.”

Farah Griffin discussed this on The View Tuesday. She worked as the communications director in the Trump administration, and she told her fellow co-hosts, “But what is wild about this [Jenna Ellis] clip is the language model, something nearly identical to that which White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said to me on December 3rd of 2020.”

“I’d gone into his office to say that I was going to resign,” Farah Griffin. “I didn’t agree with what we were saying about the election result of the election being stolen. And he said, ‘Wait, what if I can tell you that we’re not leaving office?'”

This timeline fleshes out details Ellis revealed when she talked to Fulton County prosecutors. In Ellis’s case, one crucial date shows that Trump was still refusing to leave, even after December 11, when he’d lost appeals over election results at the Supreme Court.

Farah Griffin apprised federal investigators and the House Select Committee of Meadows’ remark. The Committee was investigating the failed January 6 attack on the Capitol, while federal investigators were concerned with Trump’s 2020 intentions.

“This proves what she’s saying, that the upper tier of the White House was actually trying to unlawfully and unconstitutionally hold on to power,” Farah Griffin explained. “I think Georgia has Donald Trump in a really tight spot. That’s the hardest one, I think, for him to get out of. But here’s what I would say is this: ‘We don’t even need to think about just what he did last time around. The agenda he’s talking about for 2024 is scary enough.”

Farah Griffin also noted Trump’s promise to put people in “camps” and gain his revenge on four-star generals and others whom he perceives as having wronged him.

Trump will undoubtedly resume this authoritarian head-trip if he is reelected in 2024. The man is nothing if not predictable, and I hope the Democrats are up to the challenge.

Because I’m worried that they are not.

Here’s what Farah Griffin had to say below.

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