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‘He Missed His Neck and Ears!’: Revolting Photo of Trump With Smeared Makeup Explodes on Social Media

Donald Trump is truly like a collector’s item in so many ways. Endless lists could be made about the most ridiculous lies he’s told. His worst hair days could be compiled into a book in the salon called “Cuts Not To Get.” A comic book size thesaurus of synonymous phrases for “the best of all time” would fly off the shelves.

But the one collector’s item nobody would want, not even his own mother (RIP), is a compendium of angles and shots of his trademark orange makeup.

The latest addition to that collection was taken a little over two weeks ago inside the NY Supreme Court. It was recently posted by Twitter superstar @mmpadellan and a comment by one of his followers pretty much summed it up: “Soy sauce highlights.”

The “splattered ketchup” remark, of course, refers to the recent revelation that Trump often threw his food against the wall in the White House when something made him unhappy.

This picture will certainly accomplish that.

But it’s not just the picture that this tweet is about. It’s the fact that everyone already knows Trump will be furious when he sees it. He will call it fake. He will say it’s Photoshopped.

He will, in short, do and say all of the things he’s done and said since his hair became a topic on late night TV shows back in the 1980s. He will pull an “Emperor’s New Clothes” gig, and he’ll be spiteful and defensive the entire time.

His kids will come out and say “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

His supporters will believe anything he says about it.

His spokesperson will say it was the lights in the courtroom.

His wife will be silent on the matter.

Yes, you guys. We DO have better things to do. But it’s nice to take a break from stories about Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ryan Zinke and Israel and immigrants and gas prices and just have a laugh for a change.


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