‘Hitleresque’: Social Media Horrified as Trump Posts New Video That OBVIOUSLY Imitates Hitler

For those of us who took World History in high school (You can learn here, Boebert), we all understand that Hitler rose in Germany out of the humiliation that Germany suffered from the treaty that ended World War I.

Hitler also rose on the back of The Great Depression.

Last, one fact that very few people remember is that Hitler didn’t seize power. No, he was first elected. 

Like all self-respecting dictators, Hitler convinced the nation that only a “strongman” could fix a nation that was falling apart.

Weirdly, in the 1920s, Germany was the most sophisticated nation on earth, and it wasn’t even close. They were the leaders in science, Plank, Shroedinger, Einstein (Austria-then Germany), they were the leaders in engineering, building interstates before they were a “thing.” The best cars on Earth. Medicine – the first reliable pregnancy tests, even music and art.

A decade later, Hitler convinced Germany that it was nothing, a wasteland, that it was the victim, that elites were ruining the country. The Great Depression played a huge role, but not as big a role as Hitler, convincing the German people, against all evidence, that the nation was falling apart.

And contrary to what we walk around presuming, even though Hitler was voted into power, he didn’t “fool” anywhere near all the Germans. Obviously, Jews knew to get out, and if they could, many did. Many could not.

But most of high society Germany, the educated, the sophisticated, those born to wealth, and those that earned it, nearly all considered Hitler a moron, a joke, someone who would never lead Germany and have no lasting impact.

We all know the above. But it’s worth reviewing because as you watch this new video of Trump, the comparisons to Hitler JUMP off the screen. Most critically, don’t think, “Yes, but none of that is true!” regarding what he’s saying about the country.

It doesn’t need to be true. He just needs to convince enough people to believe him. That is where the video gets chilling. Throughout the piece, he wants to be seen as the “strongman” – the “only I can fix it” thing. But it’s when he starts yelling (as Hitler did) about what he can do to fix things that aren’t broken that it becomes the scariest video he’s made.

Spread the word.

Abortion is a huge issue but it’s only part of the extremism that they’re willing to bring in. Abortion should be front and center in 2024 but it must always be married to “and that is just an example of what they’ll continue to do in other areas… ”

Spread the word, “NEVER AGAIN.”

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