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Ivana Trump’s NYC Townhouse Goes on Clearance Sale and Experts Think They Know Why No One Wants to Buy It

It’s kind of amazing to realize that Ivana Trump’s Lenox Hill townhouse in Manhattan hasn’t sold after nearly a year after it hit the market.

This is definitely one over-the-top abode, let me tell you. Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the townhome was a dentist’s office when Ivana purchased it for $2.5 million in 1992 after her divorce from Donald Trump. It was listed in November 2022 and the price tag was $26.5 million, Queerty reports.

But the house has failed to attract zero buyers in its 10 months on the market. The home was re-listed in September 2023 and was discounted by $4 million.

And let me tell you, Ivana’s townhome is very, very pink and consists of 8,700 square feet of gold bric-a-brac, pink marble floors, gold railings, crystal chandeliers, leopard print carpeting, and gold-trimmed wallpaper. Maybe she even put in a gold toilet, like her ex.

However, it’s not the gaudiness or the fact that the property hasn’t been refurbished since Ivana purchased it 30 years ago that’s deterring buyers. A recent report from CNBC suggests the property has been infected with the Trump taint.

Generally, most sellers have their homes professionally staged in the hopes of making their homes more attractive to potential buyers. But that’s not the case for Ivana’s 10 E. 64th St. townhome. The presence of Donald Trump’s late ex-wife is everywhere.

After her death from a fall on the home’s grand staircase on July 14, 2022, the residence looks more like a garish museum, with family photos everywhere. A large poster of one of her magazine cover appearances hangs right outside the home office and her book Raising Trump is still perched on the coffee table in the living room.

It’s easy to see why this may irk potential buyers, especially since two of the people featured in those family photos are Don Jr. and Eric, who are currently on trial for fraud in New York, and her daughter Ivanka is scheduled to take the stand later in the week.

Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel Inc., which is a real estate appraisal and consulting firm, in an interview with CNBC said the townhome is overpriced. Not only does it come with a $22.5 million price tag, it also comes with property taxes that are $10,900 a month. That’s roughly $130,000.

The Pepto-Bismol decor probably isn’t helping, either.

“The highly personalized interior decor of this townhouse is also probably contributing to the marketing delay since,” Miller noted.

Apparently, the average time a New York townhouse sits on the market is typically five and a half months, Miller said.

Queerty notes Ivana’s home has been on the market for twice that amount, and now that the holiday season is approaching, the real estate market will undoubtedly slow down, which of course means the property could remain vacant for quite a while.

I’m sure many potential buyers are also thinking of the extensive renovations they may need to do, in addition to the property taxes, and that would be enough to turn them off.

That’s a lot of pink, and a lot of mirrors and a lot of gold…
An animal print-covered library. Evan Joseph Photography
The red-carpeted grand staircase that has seen some bud luck.
Evan Joseph Photography
The Versailles-inspired dining room that screams “Trump”. Evan Joseph Photography


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