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Something Really Bad Must Be Going on in Trump’s World Because He’s Having a Mental Breakdown on Truth Social

Well, it looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Someone who most likely left his pillow cases stained with orange makeup, a color that no human being is naturally. I’ve often said that Truth Social is a window to Donald Trump’s soul. It always tells you what kind of mood he is in. If he’s feel boastful and happy, or if he’s feeling cornered and scared. And today? He’s scared. I have notifications turned on my phone for whenever Trump posts, and I had to temporarily turn it off, he just won’t stop posting. He’s even gone as far as to attack the wife of Judge Engoron, which won’t go over very well with the judge. And I think we are approaching 50 posts so far today, pure insanity.

First, let’s look at the attacks on the wife of Judge Engoron. Trump shared at least six posts from conservative activist and “proud Islamophobe” Laura Loomer that accuse Engoron’s wife, Dawn Marie Engoron, of attacking Trump via images shared to X/Twitter. One post Loomer screenshotted showed the account, screen-named Dawn Marie with the handle @dm_sminxs, post an image of a person spray-painting “F—k Trump” on a brick wall, while others showed him in prison wear. Other posts from the account also mocked Trump lawyer Alina Habba’s courtroom performance.

Earlier this month Dawn Engoron gave a statement to Newsweek where she firmly denied making the posts and told the outlet that the account does not belong to her. “I do not have a Twitter account. This is not me. I have not posted any anti Trump messages,” she said. While conservatives argued the posts should result in a mistrial or dismissal of the civil case, former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani told Newsweek that the social media of a judge’s spouse is “not by itself grounds to disqualify a judge,” pointing to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas’, pro-Trump posts.

“Judges themselves have to post something that raises concerns about their impartiality for recusal or disqualification to be appropriate. Family member social media activity, even one’s spouse, isn’t enough,” Rahmani added. Trump’s sharing of these attacks comes as he awaits a ruling from an appeals court on a gag order Engoron imposed on him early in the trial that prohibited him from talking about court staff. The gag order, which has been temporarily suspended does not bar discussing the family members of court personnel.

As I am writing this, another post about Dawn Engoron was posted. Trump wrote, “Judge Engoron’s Trump Hating wife, together with his very disturbed and angry law clerk, have taken over control of the New York State Witch Hunt Trial aimed at me, my family, and the Republican Party. This is such an embarrassment to all within the New York State Judicial System, as murder and violent crime rage like never before!”

Then crazy and untrue posts saying, “There would NEVER have been an attack on Israel if I were President, and what is going on now is unthinkable!”

Trump is an idiot if he thinks Hamas is afraid of him. These are people who sacrifice their own lives to attack Israelis. And they are going to stop because some orange clown tells them to? Come on. And the fifth group of hostages was released this morning, I think Biden is doing just fine, thank you.

Then a bunch of whining because Trump knows he’s guilty and will eventually pay the price for his crimes. Because he could NEVER take responsibility, he has to blame Joe Biden, who has NOTHING to do with what Trump did.

Trump wrote, “I’m 12 Points up on Crooked Joe Biden – But he’s got the Justice Department and others suing me wherever and whenever possible – WEAPONIZATION, it’s called, and maybe that can make a difference. This has never been done on this scale before, not in our Country, but it opens up a very big and dangerous Pandora’s Box. Joe Biden should stop his Election Interfering Thugs before it is too late for him and the rest of the Country. As the leader of the Opposition Party, I should not be forced to campaign from inside a courthouse, which is very doable, but not very Democratic or convenient. This is where they want me to spend my time and money, but is not the way our system is supposed to work. If they filed these cases years ago, which they could have, this would not be a problem. But they want it to be a problem because they are BAD! Voters have, and will, reject it. To ALL Democrats, be careful what you wish for. God Bless America!”

Then Trump posted links to a bunch of pro-Trump articles, written at the worst right-wing sites possible. Including many from Laura Loomer’s site, which is nothing but lies. Her making up this story about Judge Engoron’s wife having an anti-Trump Twitter is disgusting, and has caused threats to the family.

The man is truly UNHINGED. But at least we know he’s worried about something. Losing his business? His freedom? Both? We can only hope!


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