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Former Trump Aide Sends Out Drastic, Ominous Warning: He Is ‘Historically Dangerous’

She was as close to him as anyone got.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, Donald Trump’s former Director of Strategic Communications, has taken a new job. She’s now a co-host, ostensibly “the conservative one,” of ABC’s The View.

But Meghan McCain she is not.

Unlike most of her predecessors, Griffin is not afraid to call out Trump for his misdeeds. And she did just that on Monday’s episode, when she urged viewers — and voters — to take a good look at the difference between Trump and his rivals in the race for the presidency.

“He is historically dangerous. When I hear a lot of Democrats say, ‘Nikki Haley is just as dangerous,’ nobody is. Nothing like this has existed in our history,” she said. “There is one discussion over the policy differences. That is something we can debate all day. There is only one man who tried to overthrow our democracy, and that happened on January 6. We need to look at that as much more dangerous than the policy issues.”

Griffin couldn’t be more correct here. The fact is, Trump has created not just a voting base, but a cult. These people have no idea what they’re even angry about, but they are certainly angry. Trump is their answer.

The problem, Griffin argued, is that so many people like herself, and even people far more powerful and influential than herself, have come out saying the same things she is saying. But nothing is changing inside the GOP. Four-star generals have called Donald Trump an “existential threat” to America and to democracy in general, but his voters haven’t budged an inch.

In fact, many Trump voters have vowed to still cast their vote for him even if he’s in prison at the time of the election.

But as time passes, Griffin is not optimistic:

“We’re still in the primary season,” she said. “I hope that anyone other than Donald Trump can somehow pull off a miracle and get there. But the closer we get to Iowa, it does start to look a little bleaker.”

And she honestly seems worried. Just in the last few hours, she’s still been tweeting on X:

If the people who know him best are this scared, we should be paying pretty close attention.

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