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‘He Doesn’t Look Right!’: Trump’s Behavior Raises New Alarms About His Mental Fitness

We need to pay closer attention.

I know that eventually every show or commentator who speaks out against Trump begins to sound biased. That’s neither new nor controversial. But America is reaching a fever pitch with Trumpomania, both fans and detractors.

That’s why we need to listen a little more closely to what everyone is saying.

On Monday’s edition of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough sat down with the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg. They talked about Trump’s publicly declared plans for his next term in the White House, and the two agreed that the danger has not been properly covered by the media.

“Why is it that when Hillary Clinton says the word ‘deplorable’ in a speech, it is banner headlines for a month, it seems. When Donald Trump uses Nazi terminology to degrade human beings, uses [the term] ‘vermin,’ you hardly hear about it. Why is that?”

That’s a question for the ages, honestly. But all of that leads back to, how did Trump get elected in the first place? This is a man who confessed to sexually assaulting women — “I don’t even wait, I just start kissing” — before the general election in 2016.

Goldberg chimed in:

“I think it is normalization. I think it’s this process where, one of the great attributes of human beings is we can get used to anything, right? So we got used to this, and we just accepted it as background noise. I mean, he does have these — this particular superpower, in that he goes further than anybody in rhetoric, and we kind of go, ‘Yeah, it’s just Donald Trump.’ We have to reverse that and just say, ‘No, no, no, no, no – this is a former president of the United States.’ If Barack Obama, if George W. Bush said the things, as a former president, not running again, that Donald Trump said, we’d have huge stories about, ‘Former president loses mind,’ right? Meanwhile, Donald Trump is the putative nominee for the presidency, and here we are. We act like it’s normal.”

The fact is, it’s not normal. We can say “What if Obama had said or done that” all we want, but it’s a philosophical exercise. WE KNOW. We just somehow accept it with Trump, because what? We’re afraid of pissing off the guy with the “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker on his truck?

It’s time to get our heads in the game.

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