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Michelle Obama Is Accused of Being ‘Jealous’ of Melania Trump, Including at the Funeral for Rosalyn Carter

This is ridiculous.

Amid all the online controversy over Melania Trump’s wardrobe at Rosalynn Carter’s funeral, a voice has made its way to the top of the pile. TikTok user and apparent Trump fan @republicanlatina03 is accusing Michelle Obama of jealousy toward her fellow former First Lady, Melania Trump.


I would be utterly astounded if Michelle Obama had ever been jealous of anyone, ever, in her entire life. But we’re entertaining the notion that she might covet something a woman who literally plagiarized her has? I don’t think so.

In a video, the user claimed, in fact, that ALL the former First Ladies were jealous:

They’re all just jealous of Melania Trump and this just proves that the jealousy continues. That’s why they hate her, because they can’t be her. You hate what you cannot be. Melania Trump… is beautiful as always, super gorgeous.

From all the darkness in the room, the only one who that had the light was Melania Trump.

Reactions came swiftly and without mercy, of course.

“Michelle Obama? Michelle Obama is probably the most decorated first lady ever… She is the forever first lady and you think that she is jealous of Melania? The girl that all you’ve got to do is daggone Google her name and you can see all her sh*t?”

“Her sh*t” is apparently a reference to Mrs. Trump’s nether regions, which she was more than happy to feature in a French magazine.

And it certainly didn’t take long for people to point out the multiple times that Melania plagiarized Michelle for speeches, word for word. Her team of apologists fell on their swords to cover for her, but the damage was done.

The right wing has done everything they can to suck up to the former First Lady, and everything  in their power to minimize the faux pas of her wardrobe choice at the funeral.

But the simple fact is, just like her husband, Melania Trump will do anything necessary to stand out from the crowd. Her need for attention is far greater than her desire to honor anyone at their funeral, especially someone she could never live up to.

@republicanlatina03 MELANIA TRUMP WILL ALWAYS HAVE HATE BUT WE KNOW WHY 👀😎💋💋💋💄👸👸👸👸👸💕💕💕💕#melaniatrump #beauty #gorgous #unique #firstladymelaniatrump #oneandonly #hatersgonnahate #jelousy #youhateuscauseyouaintus ♬ original sound – Republicanlatina03

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