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Fox Host Slams NYAG Letitia James for Daring to Wear Makeup During Trump’s Fraud Trial

At least it won't surprise you who said it.

It never ceases to amaze me how Fox News is able to find the most irrelevant people from the past and give them commentator jobs on the network. Remember when they broke out Ollie North for a while there? Jimmie Walker?

Well, a few years back, they gave a job to George W. Bush’s Press Secretary from 15 years ago, Dana Perino. She’s not telling any more truth these days than she did from behind the podium.

On a recent episode of Fox’s The Five, Perino seemed incensed about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

With a picture of NY AG Letitia James in the background, Perino went on a rant about the legendary prosecutor who’s about to extract about $370 million from former president Donald Trump.

But it was all about her appearance:

“This is the attorney general of New York and she has been in court every single day that it’s available. And she thinks that this is not political, she makes sure that she’s hair and camera, you know, makeup ready. She goes in front of the cameras every — sometimes she stops and talks to them, she’s sitting in the front row as if she has nothing else to do in the entire state of New York as the attorney general. Of course it’s political and it looks like that.”

Good lord, Dana.

God forbid Letitia James show up to do her job looking like a professional — and what’s more, one with style and presence.

But again, just like Trump has nothing to run against with Joe except superficial things like his age, most conservatives can come up with nothing substantial to complain about when they know their guy is in the wrong.

So what do they do? They nitpick about clothes and makeup, or what kind of restaurants their political opponents go to. They call them snobs if they send their kids to private school — even if that’s what they do, too. They get in on all the jokes about Joe Biden’s age, when their guy is only 3-1/2 years younger.

Watch the video below and see who looks more petty: Letitia James or Dana Perino?

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