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Kari Lake Will Cut Anyone Who DARES to Call Trump an ‘Old Man’ — ‘His Cognitive Abilities Are Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Seen!’

Guess what, Kari: He's an old man.

Failed candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake — no stranger to television herself — took a Newsmax host to task for calling Donald Trump an “old man” on Tuesday.

She was appearing on the MAGA news outlet to talk about Trump’s recent primary wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, asterisked though they may be. But host Rob Finnerty had another topic in mind.

He brought up the fact that Trump has spoken so well of her both on the campaign trail and in private that there is continued speculation she’s on his shortlist for Vice President.

She began to counter that she’s just been focusing on her campaign for the Senate, but Finnerty immediately pointed out that she was in New Hampshire campaigning for Trump, not Arizona campaigning for herself.

But he also pointed out that Trump’s veep choice could be a key to his candidacy, since he can’t run again (unless he loses) and he’s getting along in age.

“He’s the de facto nominee at this time tomorrow if he’s the winner today in New Hampshire,” said Finnerty. “But this election is going to be huge for two reasons. One, Donald Trump’s an old man, just like Joe Biden.”

At that, Lake cut him off with a look. But Finnerty soldiered on.

“He’s 77 years old. He’s an old man, just like Joe Biden, who is 81 years old. If Trump is elected, he can only serve four years. So this pick is huge. If it’s not you, who would you like to see Trump run with?”

Lake huffed about thinking they were there to talk about New Hampshire. Then she dressed Finnerty down for his “derogatory way of referring to President Trump.”

Defensively, Finnerty insisted he’d have said the same thing about his own aging father. “Donald Trump is an older man and he’s someone who can only serve four years.”

Lake snapped, “Well, first of all, Donald Trump is not an old man. He is a very sharp man. His cognitive abilities are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I talk to him all the time. He is incredible.”

Yes, those are definitely the words of someone who’s just there to talk about New Hampshire and not to suck up to Trump at all.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter what Kari Lake says. Very few people even in MAGA World think she’s any less than a kook, and her brown-nosing has reached pathetic new heights.

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