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The Lincoln Project Creates BRUTAL Video Mocking Trump and It Will Definitely Get into Trump’s Head and Anger Him

Somebody had to respond to that disturbing ad!

We already covered for you the bizarre video that Donald Trump posted on his Truth Social account, “God Made Trump.” In case you hadn’t already clued in, the video served to show you just how unhinged Trump has become. He really does consider himself the savior of all mankind, or at least of America.

Now, the GOP Never-Trumpers The Lincoln Project have answered. It’s an instant classic.

Where Trump’s version listed all of the things God “wanted” for America and the world, and claimed that God made him as an answer to those needs, TLP’s lists what seems at first to be a tongue-in-cheek list of things God would never want, each line ending with the phrase “So God made a dictator.”

Interspersed with images of Trump, the GOP, his followers, the January 6th insurrectionists, and yes, dictators from around the world, the narrator finishes with a bit of a twist:

And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said “I need a man to test the will and goodness of a free people.” So God made a dictator.

God said, “I need a man who failed at everything but theft and broken promises to live in a golden palace and convince the poor he serves their needs.” So God made a dictator.

God said, “I need a wicked man to lead the common folk with hatred and fear.” So God made a dictator.

God said, “I need a corrupt man who is above the law and immune from justice.” So God made a dictator.

God said, “I need a man who will use violence to seize power.” So God made a dictator.

God said, “I need a man whose followers will call black white, call evil good, and call criminals hostages.” So God made a dictator.

God said, “I need his political party to obey without question, and the press fear his wrath.” So God made a dictator.

God said, “I need a cruel man, who uses his power and position to punish and harm his opposition.” So God made a dictator.

God said, “I need a man who breaks the faith of even his most Godly followers, and leads them to idolatry — place him above me.” So God made a dictator.

And then God said, “I sent this man to test you, and until you cast him down, you have failed.” So God made a dictator.

The twist, obviously, is at the end, where the narrator reveals that God didn’t actually want any of those things, He just wanted to test those who would vote for a man like Trump.

Watch the video here:

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