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Capitol Rioter Who Bragged He’d Be Cleared and Be Paid a ‘Huge Premium’ Convicted of 20-Year Felony

These folks can't help but brag about what they did.

Remember Jenna Ryan? You know, the social media influencer who promised that she wasn’t going to be punished for her role in the January 6 riots at the Capitol?

“Definitely not going to jail. Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail. Sorry to rain on your hater parade. I did nothing wrong,” she said at the time.

Ryan ended up getting 60 days in jail.

Now we’re seeing that all over again with a Montana man who was extensively involved in the Capitol riots. He posted videos of himself on the grounds and inside buildings. He bragged about having physical confrontations with the police. He explicitly said he was there because Trump told him to be.

Henry Phillip “Hank” Muntzer also said, “Not only will I be cleared, they are going to pay me a huge premium for this.”

Now, I’m not sure who “they” are, or what “premium” he’s talking about, but the charges he just got convicted of could get him up to 20 years in the clink.

I don’t think Hank Muntzer is smiling right now, since he’s facing 20 years in the hoosegow.

Before the “Stop the Steal” rally in January, Hank Muntzer of Dillon, Montana posted meme after meme about the upcoming rally. He even offered to pay for other people’s flights to Washington from Montana if they couldn’t afford it.

He bragged that he traveled with a large group to the Capitol, and that they stayed in a rented house in DC.

Muntzer owns an appliance store, and the building is emblazoned with every crazy right-wing/Q saying there is. Gotta love SHEEP NO MORE!

Sorry, here’s the front, you just have to see this:

Let’s hope this guy gets some therapy while in prison.

From the Law and Crime blog:

Muntzer entered the Capitol that afternoon — at one point, recording a video of himself commenting that he had passed “through all the tear gas” to “tak[e] the Capitol by storm,” an affidavit said.

Inside, Muntzer was involved in physical confrontations with law enforcement and joined a crowd of rioters confronting officers blocking a doorway leading to the Capitol’s Upper West Terrace. He joined a group of rioters pushing back at officers, who had their backs to a set of stairs, officials said. At one point, Muntzer resisted police efforts to clear the Rotunda and was one of the last rioters in the area before leaving the building at 3:22 p.m., authorities said. FBI agents arrested him on Jan. 18, 2021.

Muntzer had given an interview on camera with MSNBC, confirming he was inside. He also posted videos of himself there on Facebook. In one post, he commented, “Here’s the video when we storm the capitol and got above the guards. Then entered the capital in D.C.”

In another post that included a video inside the U.S. Capitol Building, Muntzer said, “Stormed the Capitol in Washington DC we were able to push through the Capitol police and enter several chambers. I did not see anyone get hurt other than tear gas and pepper spray, and I got sprayed a lot. We sent the message that we are not going to take it, we want our country back …”

As for the charges, the felonies he was hit with were obstruction of an official proceeding and civil disorder. The misdemeanors he was also charged with counted among them “entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.”

Good luck, Hank. You’re going to need it. And if you want to watch Hank sprout some of his craziness, watch this news report. My favorite line is that someday, “January 6th will be the new Fourth of July”.


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