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Lara Trump Humiliates Herself as She Claims Trump Is Golfing a Lot Now Because He Won’t Have Time When He’s President

You can just feel the dumb radiating off her.

Lara Trump will never be accused of being a genius. She did marry “The Dumbest Trump,” Eric, after all.

But in the sense of fair play, we like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that the old adage “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

Except it’s just not true with her. She’s literally never right.

Take her latest entry on “The Right View,” her cleverly-named podcast. Get it? Right, like conservative? Only also like CORRECT?

The name alone is enough to make you understand that she truly believes her listeners are as simple as she is. And that was also apparent when she brought up her father-in-law’s golf habits.

The ex-president has been swinging the clubs lately, and Lara wanted to let everyone know that her hero won’t always be on the links — sometimes he’ll be wearing a cape too big to play golf in.

“He’s not going to have a lot of time for golfing coming up… Hasn’t had a whole lot of time recently for a lot of golf. And then, of course, come January 20th, 2025, not a lot of time for golf  ’cause we’re gonna have a country to save. And I think it’s going to be Donald Trump who will be doing the saving of this country.

So, he’s got to get a little bit in now.”

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. Trump made nearly 300 daytime golf outings during his presidency when he ostensibly should have been saving the world. He spent $140 million in taxpayer money just at his own resorts including Bedminster in New Jersey, Trump National in Charlotte, NC, and many more.

When Trump ran for president the first time, it seemed all he wanted to talk about was how much Barack Obama played golf, and how he wouldn’t be that way. But a USA Today breakdown of presidential golfing habits puts Trump squarely at number one in terms of tee time.

Obama was said to hit the links every 9.5 days, or about twice every three weeks. Trump, on the other hand, took to the tee every 6.3 days during his time in the Oval Office. He couldn’t even wait a full week before donning the khakis and polo shirt for another round.

So please, Lara. Stop pretending that Trump wasn’t paying himself taxpayer money (by golfing at his own resorts) the entire time he was in office.

Like he wouldn’t do exactly the same thing if he won again.

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