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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Stoops to All-Time Low and Covers Up for an Accused Pedophile

Not too long ago I wrote about Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ real talent for cruelty. She’s all gung-ho to jam more people into prisons without building more prisons and is feuding with her state’s Board of Corrections because she wants to add more beds without following safety precautions. It’s currently taking precious time away from her busy calendar of harassing transgender kids and scr*wing teachers. Sure she’s always smiling and looks kind but like her former boss, Donald Trump, when she opens her mouth, nasty bile comes out.

You can tell that I love her, can’t you?

It’s kind of humorous, looking back at Trump calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman,” I mean sure Hillary’s got her faults, but Sanders leaves her in the dust. Refusing over Thanksgiving to pardon a man who’s been in prison for 30+ for a murder he never committed? When the alleged actual murderer has confessed, but somehow finds time to pardon a turkey? Really. That’s incredibly cruel.

And now, according to Queerty, Sanders is determinedly etching her stamp on the Board of Corrections by hiring an ex-cop who, (drum roll please), was fired for lying about a sexual relationship with a minor.

Talk about them Republican family values.

This occurred a few days ago when Sanders appointed Jamol Jones to the BOC to chair the Post-Prison Transfer Board. Because he’s now chair of the BOC he has to report directly to Sanders.

Jones is an army veteran who wound up being fired from the Benton Police Department in 2018 for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl. When the department conducted an internal investigation it was discovered that Jones lied twice about his sordid behavior. At first, he said he only discussed oral sex with the girl but he eventually admitted they were in the middle of a torrid sexual relationship.

According to the investigative summary, Jones “lied, because he was embarrassed and scared, and then confirmed he lied twice during the interview.”

Jones was 25 at the time and he told officers he knew the girl was “too young for him,” but didn’t realize she was underage. But investigators found discrepancies in that story. The minor apparently told Jones she was 17, and he allegedly replied “Woo Momma, when are you gonna be 18?”

Despite all of this, Sanders still wants him to chair the BOC, even though the teen girl told Jones when her birthday was, he allegedly said that was “too hot for him to handle.”

The kicker here is, that even though Jones violated department policy, no criminal charges were ever filed.

“I did not break any laws, no charges were filed, but I made a mistake I’ve asked God and my families forgiveness for, and I take full responsibility for my actions,” he said in a statement. “I am proud of my service to our country and our state, and the support of my wife and family.”

Someone asked Sanders about Jones’ perverted past, and the governor did what she always does: skip right over the issue.

“Jamol bravely served our nation in the Army and protected his community as a police officer providing him with the experience and knowledge to serve on the Post-Prison Transfer Board and the Board of Corrections,” a spokesperson responded.

Sanders’ administration is duking it out with the BOC over a disagreement over how many prison beds can be safely added to state prisons. Sanders wants to add an additional 622 beds to state prisons but the board only approved 130.

And for good reason. Arkansas state prisons are already overcrowded—with 16, 440 even though the maximum capacity is 15,022.

But isn’t this typical for staunch Republicans like Sanders? And the situation is likely to become worse because the Protect Arkansas Act went into effect on January 1 and it lessens and actually even eliminates parole eligibility for many felonies. So now state prisons are going to become more jammed than they already are.

Meanwhile, she’s doing her usual schtick, pretending to be the valiant governor that she isn’t.

“People around the country are looking to Arkansas as a bastion of normal in an ever crazier world,” she recently said in a speech.

But Arkansas isn’t a “bastion of normal.” Frankly, it’s crazier than most of the other 50 states. It ranks 43rd in education, and 47th in health and crime. Which is weird when you consider that Arkansas has the fifth-highest incarceration rate in the U.S.

Even worse, nearly 427,500 in the state have been kicked off Medicaid since April, while Sanders blows nearly $20,000 on ugly podiums. And of course does whatever she can to tighten public record laws.

Like I said, she’s quite the governor, isn’t she? X users had thoughts.

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