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Trump Is Really Freaking Out on Truth Social Over His Upcoming New York Fraud Verdict

Well, it looks like someone is very, very nervous about the upcoming verdict in one of his many, many legal trials. On Monday, fat former president and adjudicated rapist Donald Trump posted something on top of the normal “I’m a victim” type of post, writing specifically about the mess caused by his former CFO Allen Weisselberg being in plea deal negotiations with the Manhattan DA’s office for a perjury charge incurred in this very trial.

The New York Times reported back on February 1 that Weisselberg would plead guilty to perjury. As part of the potential agreement with the Manhattan district attorney’s office, Weisselberg would have to admit that he lied on the witness stand in Trump’s recent civil fraud trial, and also would have to say that he lied under oath during an interview with the New York attorney general’s office, which brought the civil fraud case. Not good, for either Weisselberg or Trump.

Trump began his crazy rant saying, “Letitia “Peekaboo” James is a corrupt Attorney General, who knew nothing about my tremendously successful business, but still campaigned on, “I will get Trump.” Indeed, the actual witnesses in this contrived, baseless case, established that my Net Worth exceeded that which was reported in my Financial Statements, and those Statements never included my most Valuable Asset, The TRUMP Brand.

Then he continued, “The politically biased Judge on this Rigged Case refused to acknowledge that the Appellate Division has already ruled in my favor on Statute of Limitations, and effectively ended this litigation. The Judge has been overturned four times, during this trial alone, a record. He is out of control, a Political Operative who valued Mar-a-Lago at $18 Million Dollars, when it is worth 50 to 100 times that amount…..”

Trump went on, saying “Page 2: He also refuses to acknowledge the complete, total, and 100% perfect Disclaimer/Buyer Beware/Due Diligence Clause. These Clauses are vital to virtually all Business Transactions and have, like Prenuptial Agreements, been ruled ironclad throughout the New York State Court System, and every Court System in the United States. This Case should have never been brought, an Unconstitutional Gag Order should have never been instituted, 100% Happy and Satisfied Banks and Insurance Companies, that made Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in profits from doing business with me, should have been listened to, and, the Appellate Division should not have been disrespected by this out of control Judge, who is angry at them for already having overridden him four times…..”

He finally concluded his crazy rant with, “Page 3: The Judge, who refused to give me a Jury or a Fair Trial, is a pawn for the Crooked Attorney General, Letitia James, who used this case to try to run for Governor, but failed. Now, this Radical Left Judge, Arthur Engoron, is sending my attorneys inappropriate and possibly illegal emails based on Fake News Stories, in spite of the fact that he isn’t supposed to even be reading the news about me, or this Witch Hunt that he is heading, let alone making any decisions based on it. I hereby demand that the VICTORY already given to us by the Appellate Division, that even the Judge admits took my daughter Ivanka out of the litigation, much to his fury and chagrin, be given its full force and effect, and this Case be finally and completely put to an end. STOP DRIVING BUSINESS OUT OF NEW YORK!”

That’s a lot of ranting for fatso, so he’s obviously very worried that he will be out of business by the end of the week. Judge Engoron’s decision is expected to come on Friday and where we last left off the judge was informing Trump’s lawyers he was going to inquire as to the veracity of the plea negotiations and, if so, Engoron was prepared to invoke “falsus in uno,” which is not a special edition of a card game. Trust me, Trump only wishes it is was a game. Instead, “falsus in uno” would discount the credibility of Weiselberg’s entire testimony.

Probably one of the many reasons why Trump is freaking out.


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