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Trump Looks Like a Ridiculous Old Fool as He’s Spotted Wearing What Appears to Be a Girdle

Donald Trump is always hyping something. Of course, right now, it’s those crappy-looking gold sneakers that he promoted on stage at “Sneaker Con” or, “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth” where he launched his gaudy “custom” sneakers. But now, a pair of photos taken at the event have gone viral on social media because they purportedly show the former president wearing what looks very much like a “girdle.”

The rumor mill began when Trump brought a crying supporter on stage during his speech Saturday. The woman exhorted “My kids need you, Trump. I love this man, we need him. He’s a good Christian. He’s a good honest man, go out and vote for Trump.”

Oh my dog, someone hand this woman a life, please! Poor thing is f*cking delusional.

That moment captured headlines and Ron Filipkowski, an attorney and editor-in-chief of MeidasTouch.com couldn’t help but notice something odd about Trump. I mean something more than usual. So on Sunday, he shared a pair of screenshots that he alleged showed the ex-president wearing a “girdle” around his abdomen as he hugged the woman.

“You can see the outline of the top of his girdle when this woman hugs him,” Filipkowski noted.

Filipkowski’s post has been viewed more than 1 million times, according to Newsweek. The photos were added a few days after Trump complained on Truth Social about a photo that was purportedly edited to make him look fatter than he actually is.

The photos were posted days after Trump took to social media to criticize a photo that was supposedly edited to make him look larger than he actually is. He’d posted a set of four images on Truth Social that show him playing golf. He insisted one of the photos was AI-generated while the other three were not. The former president looks more bloated in the first image and sports a large belly. The other three photos didn’t look to be manipulated and show Trump at a weight and size more consistent with his public appearances.

He shared the post on February 16, writing:

“The Fake News used Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to create the picture on the top left. These are despicable people, but everyone knows that. The other pictures are me hitting Golf balls today to show the difference. Sadly, in our Country, Fake News is all you get!”

Trump didn’t offer any information about where the “fake news” photo originally appeared.

But since Trump is 77 and obviously struggling with his “219” pounds, perhaps now is a good time for him to put on his “Never Surrender High-Tops,” which some fools are dumb enough to cough up $399 for on a new website that also sells other Trump-branded shoes. Oh, and cologne and perfume. I do not want to know what either of these smells like. The high-tops are described as limited-edition, numbered, and “a true collector’s item.”

“Bold, gold, and tough, just like President Trump. They’re for the go-getters who don’t know the word quit,” the description says. “The Never Surrender sneakers are your rally cry in shoe form. Lace-up and step out ready to conquer.”

The website claims to have sold out of the shoes as of early Sunday and also claims the venture “is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign.” However, the website offered no comment as to whether this will help with “gold, and tough” “President Trump” and his legal bills.

I’ll leave you to reflect on that. People on Twitter had some thoughts:

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