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Black Gay Trump Supporter Leaves the GOP After Realizing He’ll Never Be Accepted

Most, if not all animals, are creatures of habit. The tiger returns to its kill, a dog returns to the same tree, and MAGA Republicans return to their same racist, homophobic idiocy. Many people don’t like to think about this, but we are all animals. We are in fact, great apes, although I generally think of MAGA Republicans as the not-so-great apes.

So when conservative commentator Rob Smith, who is Black, Republican, and gay, accused a Missouri state legislator of being among a group of individuals who purportedly heckled him at a MAGA event in December, I have to wonder what he was expecting. I don’t blame him for being upset at all, but Trump supporters are creatures of habit and in some situations, they come out of their burrows.

He alleges that Missouri State Representative Chris Lonsdale chimed in with a group of conservatives who are accused of heckling him at a Turning Point USA event in Phoenix in December 2023, according to Newsweek.

In a video sent to Newsweek by Smith, it appears to show Lonsdale near a crowd that heckled and chanted a homophobic slur against him. The video shows Lonsdale pointing his finger toward Smith. However, the video was taken behind Lonsdale, so it is unclear if he was one of the individuals chanting the slur.

“One of the individuals is a Republican elected official named Chris Lonsdale, a State Rep for MO district 38,” Smith posted in an X message to Newsweek.

He posted this tweet on December 18:

“Last night in Phoenix, I was confronted and surrounded by some White Supremacists that don’t like gays or blacks in the Republican Party. They shouted ‘n*****’ and ‘f*****’ at me to make their point. However, I served in Iraq. I never back down. Ever,” he wrote.

Lonsdale represents the Kansas City suburbs in Clay County, which lies north of the city. On his X profile, he describes himself as a “liberty first” legislator who is “loathed by the MO swamp.”

Turning Point USA responded to Smith’s post and condemned the actions of those who allegedly used slurs and said the confrontation happened when Smith went to a “separate bar/venue that is some distance from the convention center after the program had concluded for the day.” Of course, Turning Point is helmed by Charlie Kirk, who has connections to the Alt-Right, which is well-known for promoting racism and white nationalism, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports.

But Turning Point concluded it’s statement by noting:

“These people started yelling disgusting slurs at him. He responded well and held his ground, but this should have never happened to Rob. What’s captured in the video posted by Rob is truly abhorrent, disgusting behavior and it’s unacceptable anyone should have to endure that type of treatment.” 

And if you’re wondering just how much of a nutball Kirk is, here’s a tweet from 2018, where Kirk notes he’s weirdly proud that his speech at Colorado State University went sideways:

Smith warned in a Friday post on X that he would release “receipts” on the individuals accused of harassing him with the slurs.

“Those people were not pretend Republicans or Antifa types they were all involved with @RNRenewal (and direct ties to other orgs) and I have many more receipts to back it up which will be released in the coming weeks,” Smith wrote.

One X user said they planned to look into who supports the group’s 501(c)(4)—which refers to the tax code designation for social organizations, and this intrigued Smith.

“It would be very interesting to look into that,” Smith said, adding that he may have information about the individuals who harassed him.

“In fact, I may have had someone doing just that! I may have had someone looking into LOTS of things about those who participated in the harassment,” Smith posted. “Some of whom REALLY don’t need any legal trouble!”

But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why a Black gay man would even be in the Republican Party. This is the party of hate, especially since MAGA maniacs are also part of this. He wasn’t ever going to get a warm reception from these people.

Really, what did he expect?

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