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It’s Starting – MAGAs Are Calling for Trump to Be Allowed to Serve a Third Term

Donald Trump has always called 2024 “The Final Battle,” and this would fit within that context just a little too well, given that 2028 is meaningless if 2024 is the “final” anything with the presidency.

Perhaps we’re lucky, and Trump is calling it the final battle because he himself is getting up there in age. No, the American Conservative, a site that is far too mainstream to be making arguments such as this, is calling for a third Trump term.

It is a fascinating assertion, given the fact that we were under the impression that Trump was actually running in an election for a second term and that he had not secured a victory in that election, indeed – he may end up being the underdog. But that doesn’t matter to this mag rag:

The case of Donald Trump makes a forceful ethical argument against the Twenty-second Amendment and for its repeal: If a man who once was president returns, after a series of years, to stand again for the office and proves so popular as to earn a second nonconsecutive term—as Trump seems bound to do—to deny him the right to run for a second consecutive term cuts against basic fair play.

Three observations: The “ethical” part has nothing to do with nothing in that the 25th Amendment is the 25th Amendment because people believe change is good, even if the person would likely be elected a third time.

Second, “Proves so popular”? We don’t recall him winning, or coming close to winning, the popular vote once before we’re told how popular Trump might be. The argument here smacks of racism. After all, who cares who black people vote for? I don’t know who will win in 2024. I am willing to bet that Biden wins the popular vote by 10 million. It has gone up every time since Obama was president.

Third: Let’s see if Trump is actually “bound to do” winning the second term. If the American Conservative is so sure, why doesn’t it start talking about policies it wants implemented? I will tell you why. The only policy is Trump in office. They will let Trump tell them what they’re for.

One more torrid sentence:

Don’t let questions of Trump’s age in four years fool you. Besides the glaringly obvious differences between the men in their brain power, physical strength, and ability to walk in a straight line, Trump and Biden are about four years apart, making this issue something of a wash. 

Tell you what? No one cares about Trump’s age. Only his health and dangerous ideas.

No, the problem with the “third term” idea is that it could easily be built into the second term. Trump has promised to be an Authoritarian for a day. In that one day, he could sign an emergency declaration invoking martial law and suspending the Constitution based on something (_______ “Crime” or _______ “Border”). Anything will work. It just has to be a problem that is never officially solved, like the “war on drugs.”

There is, of course, the terribly worrisome populist bent to the entire MAGA movement that makes it susceptible to authoritarianism. Trump has already promised two things that should send a shiver down one’s spine. One: The authoritarian for a day. Two: Control Washington DC.

Sounds like a guy preparing for as many years as he wants.


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