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Lara Trump Taunts Her ‘Fans in the Liberal Media’ With Horrible, Nails-on-a-Chalkboard Song

I’m beginning to believe Ayn Rand has been reincarnated and is now appearing as Lara Trump. When I listened to Lara’s new “song” Rand came to mind because it’s a bunch of “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” tripe. A lot of people have poked fun at Trump’s voice but in general, she stays on key. She’s never going to give Chaka Khan any worries, but that said her new song Anything Is Possible is pure unadulterated, right-wing, well-heeled bullcrap.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Trump the recently installed co-chair of the Republican National Committee, dropped the single at midnight on Friday, with some contributions by the same production team that produced songs by loser Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and the J6 Prison Choir.

Lara Trump, wife of Donald Trump’s son Eric, said her new, widely mocked tune centers on “themes of faith, resilience and taking risks,” according to a pre-release announcement. On X Thursday night, she called the song “A little something I had fun with over the winter (and a few more too that I’ll save for a future date, special for my YUGE (haha) fans in the liberal media).”

“Even when it’s getting hard in this hurricane life, you still gotta spread your wings and fly,” Trump’s daughter-in-law sings in-law the song. “Don’t think, just jump. You can’t give up. Know that anything is possible. Have faith, believe, just trust, you’ll see, anything is possible. I’ve had my ups and downs, cried when no one’s around. Still gotta put my game face on, even when I’m not feeling strong. No matter how it seems, I wouldn’t trade a thing, ’cause all of it makes me who I am.”

Tell that bullcrap to a five-year-old child in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip as the missiles keep raining down, killing everyone around him. Tell that to an elderly woman who has no family and is living on the streets. Tell that to anyone who is dealing with an incurable disease that isn’t covered by their insurance.

Ayn Rand would love this song. It fits within her purview.

“Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice,” is one of many quotes from the author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Rand championed Objectivism, and much of her writing centered around the so-called “self-made man.”

Here’s another quote, from Atlas Shrugged:

“John, the self-made man, self-made in every sense, out of nowhere, penniless, parentless, tie-less…but I’ve always thought of him as if he had come into the world like Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, who sprang forth from Jupiter’s head, fully grown and fully armed.”

Anything Is Possible is just dumbed-down Ayn Rand crap. Right-wing rag, er, outlet Breitbart received an advance copy of the song and noted that one of the lines is a reprisal of a speech Trump gave at CPAC earlier this year” “I put my armor on and I stand for what’s to come, ’cause there’s darkness before the dawn (which is not particularly imaginative).”

Trump probably doesn’t realize she is echoing Rand, but people who are constantly beaten down have no armor to face the day. She lives in a wealthy family and enjoys many creature comforts. She has the armor that others will never be able to obtain.

But some cheer her on, including LJ Fino, who produced and arranged the track.

“We’re thrilled to present Lara Trump’s first original single, a testament to her journey as a hardworking mother, a powerhouse in cultural influence, and more importantly an unstoppable recording artist,” he said in a statement.

Fino also said the song is “a page out of Lara’s diary.”

“I’m sure music lovers alike will agree that it is a fantastic record,” he said.

Well um, on X, folks didn’t agree.

“Lara Trump going flat and sharp in the same note is quite the feat,” one listener said.

“This siliconed grifter is so clueless, she obviously thinks she can sing,” said another.

“The song is shit,” opined a third.

Indeed, some users really told her like she is.

As I was writing this, I was listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Sinead O’Connor, R.E.M., and Lara thinks she can compete with these people. Really?

Sad. One thing that isn’t sad is the DNC’s response song. Is that a thing now?

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