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Lauren Boebert Mocked for Speaking at Event — to a Roomful of Empty Seats

As everyone knows, size matters to the MAGAs. We were all forced to endure a 2016 presidential debate, for god’s sake, in which there we were forced to consider whether there was or was not a “problem” with the size of Trump’s “johnson” (No, not the Speaker of the House, he’s a little weasel, which is more than enough). So, yes – size, whether fingers or whatever, matters.

It matters to Trump and all who want to be Trump or Trump’s acolyte… Like Lauren Boebert. And very little matters more than big crowd size.

So it had to hurt when Lauren Boebert scanned the indoor vista (There is no such thing as an indoor vista, but don’t tell Boebert) and saw very few people.

Some smart politicos allege that Boebert moved districts because she could have been defeated in her original district. Instead of the 3rd District, where she has held office since 2021, Boebert has moved to the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. And this is where Boebert campaigned.

Boebert was treated by “dozens”?

According to Newsweek’s report:

Although it is unclear what Boebert spoke about, the event was aimed at voting on Adams County candidate primaries and address bylaw and resolution proposals, according to the Adams County Republican Party website.

Is it possible that she spoke about the need to gather a few friends and share their deepest fears and convictions? Even when pandering for votes? Anything looks possible with that picture.

And if you are asking, and you surely are, the net did have a good time mocking Granny-Klanny-Oakley:

Jon Cooper, a Democratic strategist, wrote, “A rip-roaring campaign rally for @laurenboebert, lol. The MAGA wacko knows she’s done, and it must be killing her.”

Remember, Democrats didn’t make the rules. Size only matters in guns and… well, we don’t want to excite Boebert. Let’s leave that alone.

While X user CoffeyTimeNews, “1’s of people showed up to listen to Lauren Boebert speak last night. This might be your sign that it’s over for Bobo.”

And to think, she can’t even blame COVID!

People on X/Twitter had a field day and were not kind:


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