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Lazy Melania Spent ‘All Day’ in Her Bathrobe When She Was First Lady, Rarely Worked and Only Went to East Wing a Handful of Times

The Daily Mail has a story out that explores and extracts more specific facts on Melania Trump’s laziness, this time evidenced by her love of walking around the White House residence in cushy bathrobes during workdays, a tendency that effectively shouted, “Do not bother me, I’m busy pampering me.”

Indeed, the staff had to schedule appearances around those circumstances when they could rely on the Third Lady having new designer clothing and the ability to knock off three events in one day. Otherwise, she simply didn’t want to work. She never used the office reserved for the First Lady in the East Wing, and only only ventured into the East Wing a handful of times the entire four years she was First Lady. Additionally, at the final Christmas party for the East Wing staff, which was also a farewell party, Melania spent a totally of 90 seconds in attendance. What a sport!

According to the Daily Mail’s report:

“Melania Trump sometimes spent “all day” in her bathrobe in the White House residence. Rogers said in her book that Melania especially took “to wearing elegant robes.”

Wow. Many of us have gone our entire lives oblivious to the fact that “elegant robes” were a thing. But the Mail saved the money shot for later in the story:

“Melania Trump might wear one of her robes while visiting her husband’s bedroom at night and listening in on his phone calls with advisers, Rogers reported. Melania, by the way, had her own suite in the White House.”

From the very first day, Melania Trump never had any interest in being the First Lady.

Despite the fact that many of us knew that Melania had her own suite, it is somewhat surprising that she visited Trump’s bedroom at all. Indeed, the sentence is analogous to an assertion that an anonymous anesthesiologist might “visit” the operating room from time to time to check on the “advisors” watching the patient.

But even in a bathrobe, Mel knew when it was time to get down to business… Yes, every time money and the unquenchable thirst for it sprung into a conversation, she sat up straight so as not to dip that bowl kept deep under said robe:

“Above all, Melania wanted to protect the trust fund of her son, Barron, and make sure he would be on equal financial footing with his four older half-siblings.:

Credit where due. Melania was a lazy, self-pampering brat – but she knew well enough not to trust a single Trump when it came to money. She was a Trump, after all.

Was she smart enough to get her money upfront? Well – she’s still there (See pampering, self), evidencing proof that her priorities remain “Melania, Barron, Melania, Melania, and Barron. She got plenty of money upfront.

The East Wing lobby…a place that Melania Trump rarely saw.

After all, according to the Daily Mail article, Melania feels no compulsion to campaign for Trump.

Does that sound like someone in desperate need of money? Or does it nail down one’s certainty that she sashays in bathrobes, counting said money and possible days that Trump has left on this planet?

That was mean.

But so is Donald Trump. It is still mean. But at least we don’t wear bathrobes while smiling about the typical life expectancies of octagenarian Big Mac hoarders.

Okay, maybe sometimes it comes up in an article… this one seemed inviting.

A panoramic photo of Melania Trump’s East Wing office, taken by former friend and adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. You’ll note it’s basically empty, save a piece of artwork on the floor showing her inaugural gown.


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