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Melania Is Going to Be FURIOUS: Texas GOP Hopeful Publicly Mocks Barron Trump

One conservative YouTuber who’s challenging Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) — whom he claims isn’t far-right enough — may find himself facing serious backlash from MAGA land because of the newly revealed insults he kept firing at former President Donald Trump’s teen son, Barron during a podcast.

According to the Daily Beast, GOP challenger Brandon Herrera repeatedly mocked Trump’s youngest son in during the podcast last month. Even a co-host of the show got in the act, demeaning Barron as a “long ventriloquist-like dummy,” then saying he looked like “Slenderman” and saying he was the new “cryptid” — like the imaginary Bigfoot, or the Chupacabra, for instance.

Then Herrera chimed in, saying Barron stands “like nine feet tall,” and claimed the nearly 18-year-old son of the former president is “starting to become a meme,” while imitating Barron’s voice, according to Raw Story.

“Daddy is coming, Daddy is angry,” Herrera says in the fake voice.

The Daily Beast requested a comment from Herrera. Which he ignored and posted on X: “It’s called having a sense of humor, makes you more fun at parties, Reese.”

Maybe it makes you more “fun” at parties but it also makes you a bully. And yes, this is likely to trigger MAGA supporters but this would be the first time they’ve been right to be angry. Barron is still a minor and his mom, Melania Trump has rightfully kept him away from public scrutiny. Yes, he’s tall, but making fun of his height is the very definition of bullying.

Herrera is apparently no fan of Trump, but if he’s got a beef with the former President then he should open his trap and say so, not belittle the former president’s younger son. This speaks of cowardice.

In an August episode of the Wake Up America Show with Austin Peterson, Herrera questioned whether Trump could score a victory when the presumptive Republican nominee squares up with President Joe Biden in the general election on November 5.

“I just don’t know if he can carry the actual election,” he said. “If I had to predict, I think Trump will win the primary by a landslide and lose the general. Eight more years of winter, or four more years of winter rather.”

Herrera went on to say he “really enjoyed Trump’s presidency” he asserted the former president “messed up a lot of stuff,” pointing out Trump’s policy on “guns and things.”

But one source close to Trump told the Daily Beast that Herrera’s prospects of winning are quite slim given what he’s purportedly said in public.

“If this s—head actually said these vile things, he has no place in the party,” the person said.

One source was really blunt: “Brandon Herrera would be a disaster for Republicans. Not only did he mock President Trump’s teenage son, which is totally uncalled for and disgusting behavior, he said Trump cannot win the general. This will not go unnoticed.”

A prominent GOP operative told Daily Beast this isn’t the first time Herrera has embarrassed himself.

“I’ve heard that Brandon Herrera has a problem with keeping his mouth shut and has a problem with saying stupid stuff, and this is just the tip of the iceberg,” the anonymous operative said. “Brandon Herrera is going to have a very bad time over the next couple months if what I’ve heard is true.”

And let’s be real, when Melania Trump hears this she will go apeshit. Who can forget when during Trump’s impeachment hearings, a professor said, ““The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility, so while the President can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.” That professor, Pamela Kaplan, soon found herself on the end of Melania’s wrath, who actually tweeted about it:

And Kaplan wasn’t even mocking or teasing Barron, she was simply using his name as a play on words. And yet, Melania went ballistic. So, I don’t think she’s going to like to hear her son referred to as Slenderman.

So Herrera may be in for a tough time, and he deserves it. He obviously thinks bullying is fine, and he’s ever further to the right than Trump and that’s bad news as well, especially for anyone who’s capable of rational thinking.

Lastly, once and for all, leave people’s children out of this. They are innocent victims who didn’t ask for this.

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